A.G. Leventis.

A.G. Leventis assigned to STIRIXIS Group the creation of a new office environment that would reflect the company’s esteem, long history, values, and vision towards the future. The company is the world’s leading manufacturing and distribution corporation in Nigeria and West Africa, providing a wide variety of products and services across several industries.

The project was awarded the Highly Commended Office Interior Award for the African region by the International Property Awards 2016-2017.

The challenge was to accommodate the offices in an open plan, avoiding, however, the typical cell format. Another restrictive parameter was the limited supply of materials, yet our team managed to find ways to keep the main design guidelines intact. Regardless, we managed to successfully submit a flawless architectural and powerful brand design.

Our overall design concept was based on an unconventional diagonal line; the office was designed to communicate the client’s contemporary and forward-thinking culture, with the right choice of materials that reflected and respected the local tradition. The colours and overall branding matched together in the same way, aligned with this duality.

The offices in Nigeria building complex are a landmark building owned by the group and was fully renovated to accommodate the newly-introduced need of the company.



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