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“ALS” Hellenic Maritime Training Center




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A new era for “ALS” Hellenic
Maritime Training Center

Businesses always dream of a modern, innovative and dynamic space. One that combines focus, collaboration, social interaction but also privacy. A space that supports learning. That satisfies the needs of employees and trainees, whilst increases productivity.

“ALS” Hellenic Maritime Training Center had such a vision. So, they trusted STIRIXIS Group to materialize their dream.

As a company, “ALS” Hellenic Maritime Training Center is a modern educational center that aims to create the new generation of maritime experts through extensive and up-to-date training and seminars. The owner and new manager wanted to invest in a new environment: one that complements their modern, highly efficient, and technologically advanced learning approach.

With this goal in mind, they assigned STIRIXIS Group to the project, where through our holistic approach we revitalized the brand with a new branding, suitable to their vision, as well as Architectural and MEP design. Our Construction Management services worked tirelessly to deliver concept training spaces of the highest quality, ones that infuse with the brand values in the most contemporary spaces of educating the future marine professionals.

The project

“It was a challenging design project as we had to respect the existing layout of the space, in a way that optimizes space usage and accommodates all the needs of the new training center” says our architect.

Each space or the floor area has an assigned use which aims to offer a different, unique experience. To achieve this, conventional classrooms and meeting rooms were combined with simulator rooms with high end equipment, and breakout areas. The general layout introduced private offices, classrooms, vibrant social spaces, a welcoming reception area, warm relaxation areas and other auxiliary spaces. Each area was designed in such a way that aligned with the company’s philosophy, expressed their values and history, as well as placed the well-being of employees and trainees at the center of our focus.

To amplify the space design, clear visual elements were put in prevalent places to strengthen the brand identity within the new space. Environmental graphics were applied throughout the center, following a specific color identity. The color code, inspired by the motion of the sea, was rich in hues of blue that resembled waves, elegantly matching the new logo. Photographs showcasing the different vessels that trainees are going to learn to take care of were installed, to immerse the people working and learning to the world of global seafaring.

The carefully selected materials — the light-colored surfaces and furniture with the wooden accents — aimed to cultivate a feeling of “focus & relax”, whilst creating individual spots of collaboration and discussion. The goal was for each space is to feel warm, friendly, inspiring and unique for the trainees, while bringing the company to the modern era.

With prosperity in mind, supporting productivity and focus was a main priority. Sound-absorbing surfaces and state of the art automation, in combination with lighting design that complements ample natural light, were installed around the classrooms and meeting rooms, to maximize the comfort and well-being of all users.

Our flexibility as a business ensured the timely delivery, within the estimated budget, even under the unprecedented circumstances of Covid-19.

“With the acquisition of the new offices for “ALS Hellenic Maritime Training Center", following the successful cooperation we had in our previous project, when the question was raised with which company we will work with for the total renovation of the offices, the answer was unanimous for STIRIXIS Group. The project was quite demanding because besides the configuration of the office spaces and the classrooms, a bridge simulator had to be built. A very demanding space, both in terms of the configuration it must have in order to be as realistic as possible, and in terms of the equipment it has. Τhe result exceeded our expectations. Every little detail of our new offices shows the dynamic vision of our company. The team of STIRIXIS Group, starting from the strategy, moving on with the design and finally to the execution, supported us seamlessly. Once again, we fully enjoyed and this cooperation! Seize the seas!”

Aris TaliakisManaging Director, ALS Hellenic Maritime Training Center