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3M office strategy and design for 3M!

For the specific project, STIRIXIS Group services consisted of strategic consulting services, architectural and interior design, and environmental graphic designs to enrich the ambiance of the common area for the 3M offices; as it addressed the renovation of the offices’ canteen. The specific collaboration confirmed the continuity of our previous successful partnership to the design of the internationally awarded project of office and showroom design.

The client.

3M is a global company that applies science to develop products and solutions to make life easier, better, and more complete for people all around the world. It operates in more than 70 countries and sells 50,000 3M products in nearly 200 markets.

The canteen.

In every office we design, we ensure that there are spaces that push people to socialise and connect. Not only because it aids in building stronger teams, but also to fight the increasing social isolation that has been reported around the globe. The strategic placement of all architectural elements and the environmental graphics designs were our engines in the creation of concept that was functional, comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing. The specific interior design selected, creates a homey environment for its employees to spend their lunch break, create, network and bond, or even carry out informal meetings. The renovation resulted in higher employee engagement, driving sales higher.

The show room.

Show rooms are all about new business, new ideas and encouraging active listening. Our team focused on bringing 3M’s positioning into real-life, to create a show room that expresses clearly the brand’s identity, innovative character, and prestige as well as ensure the concept’s worldwide usage The distinctive and minimal architectural design, the elegant brand identity as well as the real applications of 3M products and solutions in various surfaces and furniture served to keep the distractions at a minimum, thus addressing the client’s needs as well as ensuring a timely and cost-efficient execution through the impeccable project management offered.

Humans Matter: Ensuring the Safety of 3M’s Workplace during Covid-19.

3M contacted us again during Covid-19  for our Humans Matter services, with the aim to create a secure and safe workplace for both its employees and visitors of its HQ in Athens. In the context of this fully customized service created in cooperation with GEP – a leader in Occupational Health and Safety in Greece – STIRIXIS offered a sustainable solution to 3M in order to go back to business safely and effectively.   

The procedure followed throughout the project was encompassed the collection of all the required information on operations and needs of the organization, the audit of the physical environment and the delivery of a gap analysis report with emphasis on proposed corrective actions based on selected Protocols. Upon approval of STIRIXIS proposals, budget and time frame for implementation, execution took place. 

More specifically, new circulation and flow of people was applied to maintain distance, new common places were designed to accommodate safely all occupants, meeting rooms were rearranged, partitions were used where needed. Moreover, environmental graphics were applied, photocell equipment such as disinfectants, soap dispensers, paper dispensers and covered bins was placed, and provision was made for testing areas at the entrances. 

“Having already cooperated in the past with STIRIXIS Group, it was an easy decision for us to seek for the help over COVID-19 situation. STIRIXIS adopted and applied its holistic approach to reconfigure our offices – this time – according to all the required safety measures, maintaining at the same time both our personnel’s functionality and efficiency, and our company’s unique identity. The multifaceted result was terrific and that’s why we want to thank them once again for their work. 3M Hellas has returned successfully back to business!”

Dimitris SkoutelasSourcing, Facilities & Services Supervisor of 3M Hellas

“Working with STIRIXIS Group is always a unique experience. The high-level aesthetics, innovative ideas and creativity of STIRIXIS Group's team delivered an excellent result by creating a modern and relaxing environment for 3M people. With simple modern lines and smart solutions for the interior design, they transformed the existing space to a totally new experience and exceeded all employees’ expectations. On behalf of all of us a big thank you to STIRIXIS Group for their professionalism and collaboration –you turned our vision to reality.”

Stavroula KallergiHuman Resources, Legal & Compliance Manager, 3M Hellas

“Our project with STIRIXIS Group was to create an exciting customer meeting area at 3M Hellas' premises where both meetings and product demonstrations could take place. The objective was to create a modern and friendly atmosphere that would communicate effectively the new 3M brand identity as well as the 3M Products and Solutions applied inside it e.g. on walls, furniture, glass frames, glass surfaces etc. We are happy with the result and with the new fresh look & feel of the place. It’s both practical and of high aesthetics. In addition, the STIRIXIS Group team and project management completed the project in a limited time frame. Professionalism, creativity and efficiency were some key elements of our collaboration.”

Natasha KonstantinouLean Six Sigma, Commercialization, Corporate Marketing and Public Affairs Manager, 3M Hellas