About Emergence.

Since 1996, we have met some very special, bright, open-minded business people. So, what did we do about that? We have thought to make something innovative, valuable, impactful that would spring out from the successful relationships we have built with our clients, our friends.

We decided therefore to bring them together, to hatch the change we want to see in our society. We thought ‘let’s emerge and take the rest of the society with us, out of the water.’

We created Emergence, the prosperity network of STIRIXIS Group, and we strongly felt, in this holistic approach, that together we can become a decisive part of the present and, mostly, of the future.

The initiative is designed to bring modern times’ business leaders close to each other and give to each one of them access to a society of shared knowledge and business innovation. There is no fee, no price of admission, and no subscription. The only prerequisite is to have collaborated with Stirixis Group or Stirixis Exclusive.

 The four main pillars of the development of the network are:


Actively promote effective and efficient collaboration between members, create opportunities and truly support their fruition.


Create memorable, meaningful experiences through an array of events and happenings for all members and their families.


Collect, exchange and share significant and innovative content and news between the members of the network under our curation, prompting them to learn, advance and be better prepared for the future to come.


Design, organize and facilitate member programs which provide insights, knowledge, and business to the future generations.

Benefits of being an Emerger.
1. Interaction and shape of meaningful relationships with over 200 senior managers.
2. Participation in unique events of culture, taste, adventure, networking, fun, and interesting discussions.
3. Access to a platform for shared knowledge, fellowship, companies’ promotion.
4. Exploitation of special commercial offers addressed only to this Network.
5. Opportunity to become a supporting member of our internships program and share yours and your company’s experience with young and ambitious professionals.
6. Through all the above, enhancement of personal and business growth.

Let’s create together memorable experiences and build new, meaningful, and fruitful business relationships. Let’s co-create a better tomorrow.

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Launching Emergence – The prosperity network of STIRIXIS Group.


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