FAQS about STIRIXIS Group.

Why is STIRIXIS Group unique in its approach to business concepts?

STIRIXIS Group is the only consulting company that truly considers commercial spaces as an investment. Our mission is to maximize the Return on Investment for our customers through our holistic range of services. We first analyse the strategy of the company and then approach all other aspects of the project. By studying the interaction between spaces and customers, STIRIXIS Group uses architectural & interior design, operational and branding design only as tools to create the optimum concept holistically upon which the business will flourish and prosper.

What different projects have you up to now worked for?

The last 22 years, STIRIXIS Group has completed over 650 projects in the Retail, F&B, Hospitality, Leisure, and Services Industries, as well as numerous office spaces for our clients. You can find information and photos about our projects here.
If you want to learn more about our services contact us now.

What different professionals does your team consist of and how do they fit your various services?

The STIRIXIS Group team covers a wide range of backgrounds that is reflected in their education and experience. Today, our team includes architects and civil engineers, strategists, advisors, marketers, communication specialists, graphics and interior designers, and ensures, through our systemic approach, always exceptional results.

Do you work only in Greece and if yes are your services restricted in this area only?

STIRIXIS Group is an international awarded company, of Greek origin. We have offices in Greece, Bucharest and London. However, our presence covers 3 continents, with successful projects
in over 22 countries.
All of our offered services are available to you, regardless the location of the project.

Lately, Greece is very appealing to foreign investment. Do you have in-depth knowledge of the Greek Market, which is a prerequisite for any international investor?

STIRIXIS Group is a leader in its field in the Greek market for over 20 years. Any international investor can rest assured that STIRIXIS Group expertly combines knowledge on local processes and authorities with international experience and background.

Before agreeing to a project how may I know the total amount of the investment apart from
your services?

Having a background of 22 years of experience in many markets, STIRIXIS Group has the ability -by going through a pre-project/assessment phase- to draw an initial approach to human, time and financial resources needed for your project. Moreover, during the phases that your project will go through, budgets are closely monitored and “tamed” to avoid deviation from the initial business plan.

What do you mean when you say that the collaboration between you and your customers is
a win-win situation?

By serving our mission statement, maximizing the Return on our client’s investment, we substantially economize our services’ fees. The result is an efficient and successful investment for our client and our collaboration itself becomes an investment.

Do you offer business advisory services?

We approach all our projects with a holistic approach. We believe that strategy is the most important aspect of a project, that offers the possibility to establish purposeful goals and objectives, to maximize the Return on your Investment. We offer advisory services at any point of the project as each project is part of a wider organisation and the latter many times needs
strategic approach and support.

You mention branding in your bouquet of services. Does this mean that you create
full brand identities?

Of course! We approach the brand holistically, and graphic design is a communication tool. Thus, starting from the design of a new logo, we move on to fully develop the complete identity with all marketing collaterals, and continue with the incorporation of the designs, through environmental graphics and signage, to the concept’s physical space.

Isn’t design and architecture something that is judged according to personal tastes?

When it comes to professional spaces, it is not about personal taste. Each customer and brand has a specific positioning and the concept created must express and align with this. So, we never allow the strategic goals or the functionality to be sacrificed for the sake of personal aesthetics. Instead, we bring them all together in a harmonious whole.

How much time does it take to produce a complete architectural design?

It really depends on the type and complexity of the project. Our speed of action is impressive and becomes more impressive if you take a closer look at the depth and the details of our designs. We assure rapid execution through our construction management services, without mistakes, setbacks, and pointless expenses.

Why do you differentiate in your bouquet of services project management and
construction management?

These services although similar have a different area of responsibility. Project management refers to the management of the whole project, whereas construction management encompasses only the management at the construction phase of the project.

What are the evolution services?

Once the project is realised, we want to evaluate its progress and find ways to optimise it even more. We appraise the evolution of the project within a specific time period and, depending on the needs and resources of your company, through detailed KPIs. Strategic planning, brand development, rebranding, integrated marketing communications are some of the services offered for the evolution of a concept. This way, we find solutions to improve, optimise and protect your business and investment.

Why is a one-stop-shop better than different services from different firms?

The question is a “no-brainer”. Velocity, information security, communication facility, and responsibility, constitute some of the advantages of a one-stop shop. STIRIXIS Group assures smooth information flow during the strategy design and execution, without delays and misunderstandings. Above all, our teams, as part of a system themselves, through their interaction create an emergent value for your project. We are, as your exclusive partner, responsible for the whole course and evolution of your project, preventing you from having to deal with too many people for a single project and at the end of the day get “lost in translation”.

Do you charge for the time your salesperson spends on the first visit on site of the project?

No, our sales person makes the first visit on site of the project without charge as long as it is in Athens, Greece, Bucharest, Romania and London, UK. For projects outside the above areas, we charge relative compensation for the transport, stay and the occupation of our persons.

Do you charge each service separately?

We always do, and the reason is simple, our wish is to always have an honest business relation with our client and not burden him/her with a huge pack of services which usually aim to “enclave” him. By pricing our services separately, we allow each client to select whether, after the completion of each step, he/she wishes to continue with our collaboration. Having said that, we need to point out that the great additional value comes in the all-inclusive approach to our services.

Can I buy part of your services or do you sell them all together?

Each client can choose which services he/she considers indispensable for his/her investment. Nevertheless, having STIRIXIS Group undertake a holistic approach in your project, offers you the possibility to have a systemic overview, allowing to maximize the result. The 360 all-encompassing approach is the best way to go as it offers the maximum additional value.

Do you charge for the customer support service?

No, we do not charge that service for the duration of your project.

Who is responsible for your customers within the company as the project passes through many stages?

We form a team for your project. Our company designates a “Client Service Manager”, the person who knows at all moments the details of your project’s development and status. That same person follows the timetables and ensures the smoothness of the process to keep you absolutely satisfied. From your first contact to the end of your project and even after that, you will have your own collaborator in our company.

I am a start-up or a small company. Judging from your client list I feel too small to knock on your door. Can I become your client?

Everyone can become our client provided that you understand our approach. The investment in our services for your project is proportional to its size. Kindly give us a call to organize a first meeting
which is offered gratis.

After the first meeting, how do I proceed?

After the first meeting with our experienced sales person, he/she, having collected all initial information on the project, will send you a quotation including all phases and necessary deliverables. We are always open to clarifications and discussion after sending the quotation, so as to reach an agreement and proceed to the kick-off meeting of the project. Call us now and the next successful project can be yours!

What is the “Emergence” section on your website?

The “Emergence” section refers to personalised pages devoted to each client. Each client through his/her personalised account has access to a page where he/she can find specific information for his/her project. Additionally, he/she has access to data and benefits offered only to our clients. If you wish to become a client, contact us here.

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