STIRIXIS Group creates a breathtaking concept for the Flagship.

STIRIXIS Group’s latest project has just been revealed; a fresh, new concept has been developed for the retail stores of ENEL in Romania. Enel the multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators. The company works in 34 countries across 5 continents, generating energy with a managed capacity of more than 86 GW. With nearly 71 million end users around the world, Enel has the biggest customer base among their European competitors and is one of Europe’s leading energy companies by installed capacity and reported EBITDA.

Active on the Romanian market since 2005, Enel is the country’s largest private investor in energy, with operations in power distribution and supply as well as renewable energy production. A new concept is created for all stores of the branch; inspired by the gradient effect of Enel’s logo and the idea that energy is synonymous with power and thus activity, “motion” is used as the central idea for Enel’s concept and has already deployed in different regions of the country.

 Based on the new concept of stores developed between 2017 and 2018 in Romania, a new space has been designed, in the heart of Bucharest, to become the flagship store of the chain. The brand’s true personality is brought to life through the innovative store design. The concept is holistically approached, to offer a unique experience to the customers, leading to a deeper connection with the brand. Furthermore, through the specific design, we responded to Enel’s needs; responding to the highly diversified portfolio of the services offered, meeting the demands of the modern customer while also promoting its innovative character.

The journey at the flagship store begins from outside the store, as illuminated benches in front of the shop and the wide clear façades predispose the passers-by, allowing them to peek inside and see the whole store as a scenery. The customer journey passes then through the attraction, interaction, and service zones making the customer experience memorable. An amphitheatrical waiting area connects people, while also offering all advanced technological amenities such as plugs and internet connection, but also interactive tables making them, this way, feel part of a wider family.

The counters and desks are spread in the room with gradient glass partitions at Enel’s colors, offering the feeling of privacy, while encouraging conversation. Furthermore, in case private meetings are required, two booths have been created with superior sound isolation for secluded discussion during rush hour inside the store.

The ceiling is used as a canvas making a connotation with the services offered; a permanent installation with approximately 400 bulbs are placed at the ceiling. The kinetic lights are moving while also changing colors, creating a dynamic environment with a wow effect. Additionally, a transparent led mesh technology is used on the façade, that when combined with the kinetic lights, unique images and stories are displayed creating a fascinating result.

All furniture are curved, representing the company’s identity and mentality, to openness. Warm homey textures are combined with the brand’s colours and the brand architecture creating a must-visit environment.

Insiders Perspective

STIRIXIS Group delivered a fresh, futuristic concept, deeply aligned with the strategic objectives of Enel. A strategic analysis, the architecture design, the graphic design, as well as the author’s supervision, were the services offered for the flagship store, located in the heart of Bucharest. Our holistic approach was implemented throughout the project, leading to a breathtaking result, while also the concept has already been deployed to some stores all over the country, with more to come.






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