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A Successful Growth.

Staying true to our core value of business sustainability and excellence, we continue by imprinting the unique tone of Jool’s authentic brand identity by creating a mix of casual and luxury design environment.

The project

Always putting emphasis on luxury design details such as finishing touches and some of the elements strengthening the brand recognition, STIRIXIS Group has successfully managed to differentiate Jools’ from any other jewelry store.

Our holistic approach included services such as concept and architectural design – always adapting to each store’s specifications-, and construction management. Apart from the design services and in view of Jools’ further expansion and brand identity and recognition, STIRIXIS Group supports, through the strategic consulting services offered, the brand in its business development, aiming to extend the franchising network both in local and international markets.

“We worked together with STIRIXIS Group 3 years ago, when The Retail Update – the magazine published twice a year – arrived in our offices and intrigued us. We collaborated first on our kiosk which aimed to be a reference point for our company and the expansion of our sales. For our new starting point – the Jools store line – we couldn’t have gone anywhere else. Corner Jools Attica opened on 1/12/2008 with total success, but what impressed me was something else: on the same day, we agreed with the owner of our new store Jools in Nea Smirni and what seemed impossible was opening in time for the holidays. But STIRIXIS Group within 18 days had completed construction works and we opened the store in time. I will never forget what one the neighbours said about the ladies Civil Engineers that worked on the project: “Mr. Letsios, each of them works like a 5-man team””

Letsios GeorgeOwner, Jools