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3 different types of stores to support the successful roll-out of ELPEDISON’s retail concept!

In 2018, with the dream to expand its services and reinforce its presence in the electricity and natural gas retail market, ELPEDISON contacted STIRIXIS Group. Since then, our team, has been delivering True Prosperity to our client by creating a customer experience strategy through retail stores and supporting the growth of the ELPEDISON network. The design concept we developed aims to match any need and cover various key locations.

The client

ELPEDISON is a leading company both in electricity production and supply, and gas supply in Greece. Their dream is to always be one of the most important players in its sector, offering energy services of the highest quality, at competitive prices, with stability and consistency. With more than 30 stores all over Greece – 19 of which have been designed and delivered by our team – Elpedison has a network of stores and a strong presence all over Greece.

The project

Omnipresence is the way to go today. This is why we employed a holistic, all-inclusive approach to bring the true personality of ELPEDISON to life. The brand’s unique core values and ideas are always existent and consistent throughout the Company’s whole network of stores. We are engaged in developing a complete retail chain, which covers all facets and aspects of the retail strategy. The types for stores are:

  • Premium Stores: STIRIXIS Group developed the concept of Premium stores (Kifisia, Piraeus and Thessaloniki) in accordance with ELPEDISON’s brand strategy and positioning. These 140 sqm spacious stores reflect the brand’s philosophy and scope of business with top-tier aesthetics that capture the attention of visitors. High-tech booths and interactive kiosks optimize customer flow, while an elegant tree highlights the company’s environmental statement. This conjunction of superb architectural, interior design and advanced technological amenities represents ELPEDISON’s identity.
  • Point of Presence Stores: Comfy and cozy, these stores in Ilioupoli & the center of Athens, are a smaller version of the aforementioned Premium stores. The space between the service points makes visitors feel welcomed and cared for. The smaller scale of the stores facilitates true engagement between employee and customer. The innovative design shines through, giving the space and environmental graphics a sense of vividity and brightness.
  • Shop-in-Shops: These strategically placed minimalist shops in Avenue Mall and Makedonia Mall offer a quick and easy solution for a potential customer to pay their electricity or gas bill, in the midst of a shopping day. Comfy seats, digital screens and a potted plant make for a minimalist location, which still shares the common threads of ELPEDISON’s unique dynamic.

“We have been collaborating with STIRIXIS Group since 2018, creating with them the retail identity of our brand, applied at the time to the first concept store, in Kifisia. Since then, we have fully developed different types of stores, based on the development plan of our Company. STIRIXIS Group has been a great partner in this endeavor, as they have grasped the business case and effectively translated it into a memorable physical experience for our end clients. Their support, from design to execution, takes away the weight off our shoulders allowing us to focus on our main business!”

Stathis VovosCommercial Director, ELPEDISON