Complete Store Concept Overhaul.

Kafkas, the leading Greek chain of electrical equipment and energy solutions, needed a new concept that would renovate its chain of stores and enhance the customer experience. STIRIXIS Group redefined Kafkas’ brand identity, strategy, and market positioning to reflect its vision of becoming the market leader and enhance its status from a product retailer to a complete solution provider.

The project was awarded the “Highly Commended Interior Greece” at the European Property Awards 2015-2016.

The vision of Kafkas being the top specialist in integrated technology solutions, set the main axes for the project’s next stages; design of the operations, the new concept store, customer service
and customer experience.

The main issues that our concept design answers are: proper display of the product mix and services, functionality, customer journey and service, incorporation of technology and effective communication of
the brand’s positioning.

The new retail concept offers a unique experience to visitors. An impressive environment coupled with an innovative customer service and a radically changed customer flow. The circular service booths enhance collaboration and personalized service, and increase the retail space by making the storage area open for all customers. An impressive fully accessible store has therefore been created, offering easier and faster customer journey, increased customer engagement
and maximum retail area.

“Having decided to proceed with the Kafkas concept 2020 we had to choose a partner that could capture our strategy and translate it in terms of a facility that would be both impressive and functional. The task of the concept store was challenging because we set to make a radical change in the store experience and raise the industry standards to a level that would solidify our leading position in the years to come. The outcome fully justified our choice of STIRIXIS Group. The new concept, as developed and implemented, projects an overall image of modernity, technology and innovation whereas the color code conveys an airy and friendly ambience where customers enjoy a unique shopping experience. In this process STIRIXIS Group quickly came to grips with our strategic and operational priorities and considerations and went on to provide us with fresh ideas and solutions. They worked smoothly and effectively with our people to create something that we are all proud to sign.”

Antonis Zontos, CEO, Kafkas SA



Daikin Hellas.