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The internationally awarded retail food concept rolls-out!

Kostarelos Greek Delicacies has just launched its 8th retail store, designed by STIRIXIS Group, in the Golden Hall Mall; a shopping mall with a mix of high-end and mainstream retailers, several restaurants and a children’s play zone, next to the city center.

Kostarelos Greek Delicacies is a brand with long history in producing cheese and dairy products. Kostarelos Greek Delicacies concept is a mix of the best Greek artisan local produce, unique dishes, great design and authentic Greek philoxenia. The concept represents the original Greek Deli in which fusing local produce with a modern cooking spin, is turned into an amazing experience. In the warm and cozy environment, the chefs prepare daily exceptional sweet and savory tastes from fine ingredients that are also available for sale in the store.

The project

STIRIXIS Group, previously designed the strategy and the new concept for the company’s flagship store in Kolonaki area, previously awarded with the 5-Star Best Retail Interior Design Award Greece, at the International Property Awards 2016-2017, as well as with the Build Architecture Award for Best Greek F&B Project 2016.

Following the main principles and design parameters of the concept, we designed and informed this new iteration for the Golden Hall store.

Kostarelos Greek Delicacies attractive store design promotes and highlights the brand’s core values and ideas. The store is organized into areas, dedicated to a different experience based on the product offering, all in an open layout that invites the customer to explore the elements of the space. In this way, the visitors feel welcome to look around, choose from a variety of products and navigate between the different sections of the store. The retail area is kept quite simple so that the products are better showcased, while the food area, at the center of the store, is characterized by traditional style with a few bold features, making a strong reference to the Greek tradition and culture.

Regarding the store façade, an open and welcoming facade is designed, combining elements that reflect the tradition of the brand, while giving some details of luxury and prestige to fit, this way, the Mall’s environment. The preparation area is visible to the customers, promoting the brand’s expertise and freshness of the products.

The concept of the brand is strategically decided and focuses on the promotion of the company’s top-quality products combined with authentic Greek flavors, the experience of dining and the assurance of the values of the brand.

The values of the brand are also incorporated in the store layout and the customer journey. The journey begins when the customer detects and enters the store and continues with all the interactions realised inside. The store’s design ensures that throughout the experience, the environment is appealing, motivating, and engaging the customer to discover and appreciate the store’s products and services and inspire their trust. The employees, due to the specific design, are always next to the customers to assist and encourage them to explore the wide variety of products. Authenticity, tradition, heritage, and love are the feelings that someone receives when entering the stores of the chain.

“STIRIXIS Group has been a valuable and trustworthy partner in, designing and developing our new concept of our retail chain deli stores a few years ago , as well as our newest store in the ground floor of Golden Hall Shopping center. Our strategic direction has taken form in an attractive, modern and impressive all day store, harmonically aligned with our corporate identity. The essence of the concept resides, on the total store’s operational excellence and the focus on customer experience. STIRIXIS Group has supported us, in evolving our concept, while strengthening our brand awareness”

Kyriakos KostarelosManaging Director, Kostarelos SA