An Impressive New Concept.

The project won the award “5-Star Retail Interior Saudi Arabia”,
at the Arabian Property Awards 2016-2017.

STIRIXIS Group collaborated with Diet Watchers, a retail catering business for diet food for subscribed members, in Saudi Arabia.

Diet Watchers were seeking to launch a new retail concept in order to improve the performance of the retail areas and to roll out a chain of stores across the region, with strong brand identity, elite modern style and retail approach.

The new attractive retail concept created includes architectural and branding design, easily reproducable and within the equilibrium of low cost and high performance achieved. Having as a point of inspiration the brand’s logo with its curved and graceful lines, the design concept is based on round surfaces for the walls and fill-out elements which create an uninterrupted customer
journey in the space.

High-quality materials, such as oak wood, white lacquered surfaces and copper pendant signature light fixtures, communicate Diet Watchers’ brand heritage and essence.

In total the ambiance is characterized by elegance and upper style which builds serenity and relaxation to the recurrent visitors and service personnel.

3M Hellas Canteen.




Mister Baker.