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Antzoulis Pharmacy




  • Concept Design

The next generation of Antzoulis Pharmacies

We love working with clients who are proud about what they do! Yes, we are talking about Antzoulis Pharmacies.

With the dream to create the next generation of pharmacies, Pavlos Antzoulis approached STIRIXIS Group to design a series of products that ensure clarity and visibility of their true values. Our journey with Antzoulis Pharmacies included branding that communicated the owner’s vision and creates exclusive corners of personal health and wellbeing.

The project

Our work was a complete branding exercise that included the most important elements for a business. Logo design, a new brand book, signage, as well as a series of branding materials were created by our team.

In designing the logo, the business’s four basic pillars inspired us: Advise, Prevent, Promote Wellbeing, and Beauty. These complement each other and create an emergent value that differentiates our client from the market. Four were also the curved lines that we used for the logo. These come together to form the pharmacy sign that we all know and recognize… yet with a modern twist!

Antzoulis pharmacies care for their customers. They listen to their client’s needs and offer exceptional services that are based on knowledge and accuracy. Our team wanted their branded packaging to reflect this! Pharmacy kits, shopping bags, gift boxes and cards were re-designed using the refreshed logo and new visual direction. Each of these products creates a unique point of difference with other pharmacies in locally and nationally, thus supporting our client’s vision to become a leader in the sector. Furthermore, customers can choose different packaging depending on their needs (if it is a present or for personal use) enhancing the idea that all wishes can be fulfilled at Antzoulis.

Finally, our client’s exceptional, multi-functional spaces are more than pharmacies: they are inclusive places of wellbeing and personal care. They include bars where customers can access information for their nutrition needs, as well as make-up and skin-care areas, kids’ corners, and diaper rooms. At spaces as big as our client’s, appropriate, branded signage is key for encouraging customers to help them find exactly what they are looking for and navigate seamlessly! We wanted everyone to feel excited, confident and relaxed when they visit the pharmacies. The applied signage makes good use of clear and inviting designs, which respect our client’s humble yet passionate brand identity.

““Working with STIRIXIS Group was a unique, exceptional and rewarding experience. Their in-depth understanding of our vision and values, combined with their strategic approach, led to the creation of our new brand identity and the relative brand applications, strengthening further our positioning and elevating our customers’ experience. STIRIXIS Group was supportive, helpful, reliable and professional and our collaboration was swift and effective, as the team through its creative approach, depicted successfully our brand’s differentiation in the market. The visual consistency of our new brand identity across all channels, from in-store signage to branded posts on social media, is a valuable asset for now and the future.” ”

Paul AntzoulisPavlos Antzoulis, Pharmacist, Owner