Awards & Mentions

  • 5-Star Best Public Service Interior Design – European Property Awards 2018-2019
  • Best International Public Service Interior Design – International Property Awards 2018-2019


  • Concept Strategy
  • Concept Design
  • Concept Execution

A fresh innovative approach to Emerald Medical Center’s design.

SEENERGIA Group came to STIRIXIS Group for the creation of a new brand in the field of healthcare. STIRIXIS Group offered a full range of services from Concept Strategy, Strategic Planning, Logo & Brand Identity Design, Architectural Design, Customer Experience Design, and Author’s Supervision.

SEENERGIA Group is present in South Eastern Europe (SEE) since 1994 providing innovative lifesaving technologies, specialized medical services for treating chronic diseases, dedicated medical infrastructure, healthcare building expertise, and customized water treatment solutions and employs more than 100 professionals.

The project

Within a few months, together with the client, with our holistic approach, we defined the brand strategy, upon which all next steps were based. From the strategy designed, an appropriate concept and naming that represent the care, the protectiveness and warmness offered to the patients are created.

Regarding the naming Emerald is the naming selected for the new company. The specific one was selected because emerald has been a gem of fascination in many cultures for over six thousand years. The logo is accompanied with the tagline Preţuim Sănătatea which means “Precious Healthcare”. The shape of the heart is evident, promoting the care and preciousness of the company towards the patient’s health. In the logo, a puzzle indicates the interdependent pieces. The brand offers a vast number of services to its clients, resulting in a unified, and holistic service, covering all the needs of the patients and the dots in the logo indicate the linkage of the pieces of the services offered.

In the Medical Center, the consumer journey is unique and functional offering them the feeling that they are entering a spa and not a hospital. The receptions, waiting rooms, cabinets, meeting and MRI room are strategically designed to offer a memorable experience to the visitors. The overall ambience is open, neat and lively and creates a modern and friendly atmosphere, while all features of the space enhance the distinct and recognizable brand identity. The custom-made desks, the comfortable sofas and armchairs, the moss walls, diagonal lines in the flooring and graphics, the self-explanatory signage system, the scent, the music and the high technological equipment used are some of the elements that create a vivid and impactful environment. Additionally, all the integrated marketing communications were strategically selected to be aligned with the brand values and identity, offering thus a complete brand experience.

The Medical Center already stands out from competition as it reflects the innovative and forward-thinking nature of the brand with its unique values and brand identity; a fact that has already led to an increasing percentage of visitors.

“Having a vast experience in the medical building development & project management, we have been looking for the right partner for a new challenging project in Bucharest. STIRIXIS GROUP delivered with great success the branding, corporate identity and design of the Emerald Medical Center, a start-up in the Romanian private medical field. The wish of the client was to align the excellence of the medical practice with an environment and brand identity that reflects the differentiation and the focus on each single patient. STIRIXIS GROUP paid attention to all details and bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the concept, satisfied Emerald’s needs and expectations. The result is a very pleasant and warm environment for patients and medical professionals having a representative brand identity according to company’s vision. We, at MedCity, will collaborate in the future with STIRIXIS GROUP and we recommend it also to you. MedCity | The Medical Mall, develops dedicated healthcare buildings in Romania, addressed exclusively to medical operators and related services. MedCity offers high standards of medical facilities to the patients and medical professionals, providing deep know-how, experience and understanding of the healthcare industry and we are happy to have found the right partner in STIRIXIS GROUP.”

Alexandros DiamantisManaging Director, MEDCITY | THE MEDICAL MALL