Celebrate Life through the physical store!

Sweebies, the leading e-shop for stylish & elegant, quality partyware assigned us the creation of the concept of their first physical store. Based on the strategic analysis on the location, investment required and the brand positioning, STIRIXIS Group designed holistically the concept which was launched with great success.

sweebies store renovation

The main idea that powered the whole concept is “life” and as Sweebies team says: “Celebrate every little occasion. Celebrate every day. Celebrate Life”. A minimal and neutral environment is created to promote the products themselves while being consistent with the brand’s image. To optimize the customer’s experience and the retail store functionality, the products displayed are categorized and showcased in theme concepts, accompanied by the relevant signage. This way, periodically, products have a bigger visual merchandise area.

sweebies, store renovation

At the centre of the store, a welcoming sitting area is placed, where clients can sit with the experienced team to discuss and find the appropriate themes to celebrate uniquely their occasion. The display furniture is tailor-made, to respond to the needs of ample storage space but also to address the categorisation of the products and the flexibility requested.

 “Working with STIRIXIS Group was an amazing experience. From start to finish, we had a sincere collaboration that led to a genuine friendship. A strategic analysis was made at the beginning that guided us to the design of our first physical store: the Sweebies concept store! The majority of customers who visit the store spontaneously express their admiration for the design, the comfort offered and the positive festive mood that creates to them. The store perfectly conveys our philosophy; Celebrate every little occasion. Celebrate every day. Celebrate Life. In addition, it absolutely expresses the high aesthetics of our brand, of our team & of the products that we offer the Greek market.
While being in the first months of operations, Sweebies concept store already has a dynamic pace for a good return on investment. We could not think of a better partner than STIRIXIS to achieve the above goals!”

George Divaris, Managing Director & Christina Strimmenou, Managing Partner, Sweebies Concept Store.

Insiders Perspective

A joyful concept is created to Celerate Life. Sweebies, the leading e-shop for stylish & elegant, quality partyware assigned us the creation of the concept of their first physical store

The first step was to strategically analyze the location, investment required and the brand positioning. Once our consultants had narrowed down the company’s brand identity, our architectural and interior design team came up with an interior design plan that best matched the brand image. Our concept aimed at creating a functional and customer friendly environment, where the products are properly promoted. The experienced team can guide the customers and create together a unique concept for any occasion.

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