Switz Group's Exhibition Stand in Gulfood
Switz Group's Exhibition Stand in Gulfood


Switz Group




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  • Branding and Retail Design 
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Switz Group’s Exhbition Stand in Gulfood: Communicating their leading position and attracting all visitors!

Who are you and why are you important? This is the question that your exhibition stand should answer from the second someone sees it. And because True Prosperity for your business is our purpose, we ensure that it does just that – if not more! Our client, Switz Group, knows that and trusted us with their Exhibition Stand in one of the largest food exhibitions globally: The Gulfood Exhibition. 

The client

Switz Group is the leading company in the food industry, with 40+ years of e, pushing the boundaries of the bakery industry. Switz Group employs over 5000+ people across 9 countries, focusing on growth through collaboration creating successful outcomes in industries from bakeries to production and varied chains of retail stores.

 Switz Group has turned to STIRIXIS Group for their participation with a stand in the largest food exhibition in the World – Gulfood 2023 edition, in Dubai World Trade Centre. The stand, a total of 160sqm, is a physical representation of our client. A mixed-use stand with meeting rooms, an open kitchen for demos, lounge areas, and storage areas.

The project

When every point of reference communicates a company’s market position, values and character, magic happens!

Switz Group’s stand in Gulfood has 2 levels that have followed different design approaches yet both effectively communicate our client’s commitment to transparency, collaboration and trust.

The ground floor is designed as an open layout where everything revolves around the kitchen counter – the heart of the company. Fully equipped for live cooking shows, the open kitchen is where Switz Group has the ability to showcase their skills and present live the products of their large pallets of brands. A large screen in the back captures the attention of each visitor and showcases each brand that is re part of the Switz Family and communicates the new branding and positioning of the group.

Supporting areas such as storage and technical rooms are hidden behind the custom pattern inspired by the new Switz Group logo – the samosa shapes are used to decorate the walls and joinery as architectural details in smooth connection with the branding application.

The first floor is designed for business meetings or lounge areas, where the group can join together in a more silent space – creating a clear distinction from the lively ambiance created on the ground floor where people are gathered for socializing and networking.

This space is the ‘brain of the business’ –  designed as an open plan, with a main meeting point in the center of the space that has 2 tables that can be joined together. A planter designed also to be flexible is separating the tables to create a division, yet can also be removed for a joint meeting. On the sides, additional more informal discussion points are created and locally, planters in the shape inspired by the logo, are creating a sense of intimacy. A coffee place is overlooking the area and dedicated hostesses are able to provide good coffee and snacks.

The first floor has a distinct creative ceiling, carpet, and sound-absorbing panels that utilised the pattern from the logo, ensuring that this element remains in the mind of visitors and builds brand awareness.

Finally, a translucent mesh is embracing the 1st-floor area, leaving a sense of transparency towards the exterior but also creating a comfortable ambiance.