Tripsta’ s New Offices in Bucharest.

Tripsta is a leading multinational travel and ticket booking agency, that contacted STIRIXIS Group to design their new offices in Bucharest. Widely known for their great services we made sure to design their offices in a way that reflects and projects the company’s values and attitude. These ideas informed the development of a new concept, interior decoration, design,
and branding services which were all part of the new concept.

We focused on two main ideas: wanderlust and openness. A company that offers great deals for traveling must reflect the feeling of excitement that one has when visiting a new, destination but also the functionality of great service that keeps the customer satisfied.

We infused in the concept with imagery and elements from all over the world, hence the different carpets, colours of the furniture and decor, creating an amazing result.

The two meeting rooms of the company, have been designed based on the aesthetics of Paris and New York City respectively. We also took advantage of the big windows available at the building that housed the offices and allowed the natural light to wash over and illuminate the vibrant colours selected for each area, giving the sense that one is flying among the clouds, perfectly capturing the idea that one is “outside but inside”.

Areas strengthening informal communication, and togetherness are asserted by STIRIXIS Group as they help the team mingle beyond work and have a multiplying effect on employee’s productivity. The play and relaxation areas designed for tripsta are another example of this philosophy and at the same time follow the theme of colour and “destination” found throughout the new area. The addition of a “grass” carpet creates the feeling of an oasis inside the office, offering an area devoted to relaxation and team bonding.





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