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  • 5-Star Best Office Space Interior Design Greece – European Property Awards 2019-2020


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User experience, functionality, and engagement for the new offices of Travelport.

Travelport is the technology company that continually makes the experience of buying and managing travel better for everyone. It operates a travel commerce platform providing distribution, technology, payment, and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. The Company facilitates travel commerce by connecting the world’s leading travel providers with online and offline travel buyers in a proprietary business-to-business (B2B) travel platform. With net revenue of over $2.5 billion in 2018, Travelport is headquartered in Langley, U.K., has over 3,700 employees and is represented in approximately 180 countries and territories.

The project

STIRIXIS Group was approached and tasked with the design and construction of the multinational company’s new offices at the heart of Athens. Our team of experts succeeded in responding to the specific time frame for the relocation of the company and creating an impeccable environment, corresponding to its status while being representative of Travelport’s expectations and standards.

 The new office space is designed to reflect the corporate vision and identity, while combining, at the same time, modern aesthetics with functionality, and enhanced user experience. The layout design follows a strategic while simple logic; a modern reception, at the entrance, is welcoming the guests and employees, leading to the main office area. The open space at the centre hosts the majority of the employees while, the common areas, such as the training room, the phone-booths, the meeting stations, the official meeting room, and the kitchen, are designed to harmonically accommodate focus, learning, social and collaborative work styles. The new kitchen area as well as the meeting room, are designed as a separated part from the main areas, fulfilling, however, the role of a meeting spot either formal or informal, where people can interact, and exchange ideas in a welcoming, clean, and cozy environment.

We designed the new offices to be a convivial and functional environment. The main characteristics of the specific building, modern architectural lines, and wide windows are fully exploited. Natural light is allowed in, in order to open the space further, while the view in the park next to the offices create a cheerful and bright environment. Moreover, the glass used as the main element for the separation walls between the different areas, reinforce the feeling of openness and transparency. Furthermore, the welcoming feeling is further enhanced through the strategic selection of the materials, the carpets and floorings create a warm outcome and give a sense of elegance in the environment. Even more, when combined with the minimal walls, the colorful chairs, the decorative details, and the vibrant graphic applications, they produce a professional, yet blissful essence.

Due to a large number of employees working at the offices and the open space design plan selected, high-tech sound absorbing ceiling and desk panel solutions are used, creating a quiet and productive environment. Τhe latest and most efficient technologies-updated HVAC, lighting and control systems- are placed to the new offices, responding to the needs of the diverse user group, while supporting the daily activities of the workforce. Finally, the phone booths and the meeting station designed at the corner of the open space, are soundproofed to offer privacy for conference calls and quick meetings, as well as not disturb the other employees.

The end result is an elegant and highly functional space that caters all the needs and requests of the visitors while improving operations and leading to higher user engagement for the employees. We are very proud of this outcome and of the impeccable collaboration with the client.

“STIRIXIS Group is a great partner to work with. Met all deadlines in time, delivered quality work, and consultancy at all times. Great team, and great people to work with.”

Leonidas ZotosDirector Southern Europe, Travelport