New Mixed-Use Office Facilities.

The project was awarded the Highly Commended Mixed-Use Interior Award for the European region by the International Property Awards.

PLAYMOBIL Hellas has been operating in Greece since 1989. Due to the company’s growth, the increased visitor number, and other technical parameters, there was a need to relocate to new premises. The areas that were to be incorporated in the new facilities were the FunPark, FunStore, Coffee Area, Lechuza corner and offices.

The concept promotes a convenient flow and carefree play for children and a relaxing experience for the parents and escorts. The Playmobil FunPark was designed with themes that were exact replicas of the most famous Playmobil toys. The FunStore, placed within the FunPark, is a store exclusively selling PLAYMOBIL products, while the reception simultaneously serves visitors of both the FunPark and FunStore. Through our systemic approach and the close collaboration with all parties involved from the client’s side and the construction team, a unique PLAYMOBIL experience for visitors and employees has been designed and delivered, maximizing PLAYMOBIL’s return on investment.

“In 2015 a particular difficult year we implemented in cooperation with STIRIXIS Group a very difficult task to relocate the Company and the creation of new Retail Store
and Playground ( Playmobil FunPark ).
On the one hand the implementation time pressure of the work in less than 60 days and also the general economic situation of that period ( July – Aug ).
Capital Controls created a very difficult environment.

Stirixis in this environment proved to be a valuable partner in design – budget monitoring – problem solving – time accuracy – and the final outcome .
We look forward to engaging STIRIXIS Group on future projects.”

George Pagonis GM, General Manager, Playmobil Hellas SA