Our new offices in Athens!

In Kifissia, a northern suburb of Athens, we were assigned to transform an old 2-storey space of approximately 230 sq.m. into modern offices. In its previous state, the building was an old-fashioned office, renovated in the mid 80’s, and completely abandoned over the last few years. The property’s owner asked us to redesign it and manage all related aspects of the project, delivering a wonderful result!

Our concept was an open-space office with several working stations. Avoiding using partitions, that would reduce the entry of natural daylight, we designed a rectangular zone that “runs” in the middle of the open space. This conceivably separates the space, while the glossy beton cire brightens the space, making a nice contrast with the grey forged cement that covers the rest of the surfaces (ceiling, floor and walls).

The new space we designed turned out to be so attractive and matched our culture, that once all the necessary tasks were completed, we ended up moving there our own headquarters!

Our work for this project gave us the “Highly Commended Office Interior in Greece” award from the European Property Awards 2014-2015!

Artou Estia.