“Your Brand should stay afloat and be long-term profitable, sustainably profitable.”

“Einstein was wrong. He said stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. But in an environment with accelerating change as ours today, even if you are successful doing the same thing over and over again is recipe for failure.

At STIRIXIS Group our business development strategy revolves around concept life cycles. We believe your brand should stay afloat and be long term profitable, sustainably profitable. And we do make this happen. We create business concepts with an integrated agility so that transforming them does not mean starting from scratch each time. And we work with our clients to proactively change and fine tune our concepts, to achieve a successful business development. We set up the right KPIs financial and non-financial, we track how competition repositions itself, we follow local, national and regional trends and we make sure we track customer’s needs and wants in full. This way, we avoid losing market share and revenues. Above all we keep your customers close to you and happy.

This philosophy has helped us win many international awards for our retail, leisure and hospitality projects. But above all, it has helped us the same way keep you, our clients, close to us and happy.”

Alex Athanassoulas, President & CEO of STIRIXIS Group

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