The Holistic Approach for the Daikin Dealers Network.

STIRIXIS Group was present during Daikin’s grand opening of their new flagship retail store, another successfully implemented new retail concept by our team.

During the opening our CEO, Alex Athanassoulas, explained the strategic consulting services offered and presented the details of the concept, explaining how it will be adapted to all future facilities of Daikin, what were the important parameters of the architectural design, and how it all leads to increased Key Performance Indexes.

By recognising the company’s customers, tending to the needs of the network of dealers that Daikin has created, and expanding on the brand’s image, STIRIXIS Group managed to deliver, on time and within a limited budget, an excellent result.

Unveiling of a new retail concept for Daikin Hellas
Daikin, a new retail concept.
The Holistic Approach for the Daikin Dealers Network

STIRIXIS Group designed a new retail concept that tended to the needs of the vast network of dealers of Daikin, simplifying all logistical issues and smoothing out the processes. At the same time, regarding the concept development, the store design dealt also with the B2C side of Daikin by making the stores client-centered and functional.

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