“Creating successful and profitable business concepts together.”

“It’s not about design. People are shocked at first when I say this. But it’s not about winning design awards. And we have won more than 25 international awards for our design. But what you need is to maximize RoI, correct? I am sure what you need is not a great design that leads to business failure.

What we do at STIRIXIS Group since 1996, is to create successful business strategies that lead to successful business concepts. We define, agree and record a clear strategy. Your strategy. Based on this, we align all tools to produce the optimum output.

Tools? Yes! Architecture & Design, Branding, Customer Experience Design, Sensorial Marketing elements, Operations, Customer Service… they are all tools we use to ensure the prosperity of your business, the profitability and sustainability of your concept. Our unique systemic approach, allows us to truly manage the complexity of such concepts and lead them to success, growth and recognition. Only our holistic approach can guarantee the long-term business success of your concept…”

Alex Athanassoulas, President & CEO of STIRIXIS Group

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