STIRIXIS Group presents how to create an effective workspace.

On Thursday, November the 16, members of Global Sustain and friends of STIRIXIS Group got together for a Members to Members breakfast event at The Ecali Club. The event focused on how an effective workspace design, either for an office or a store design can achieve higher engagement, productivity, and profitability in a company.

STIRIXIS Group based on wellness standards and brand values designs offices that reinforce employee engagement and productivity, leading usually to driving sales higher. Many projects of the company have been internationally awarded for the strategic consulting services offered and executed to the architectural designs created and realised.

Managers, CEOs, and business leaders from various fields and industries got the chance to meet, share ideas, and talk in a relaxed environment, where they could enjoy a constructive and collaborative event.

Effective workspace design leads to higher employee engagement
Making your Workspace Work for You

Alex Athanassoulas, President and CEO of STIRIXIS Group, gave a presentation entitled “Making your Workspace Work for You”. The presentation introduced several innovative ways of an effective workspace design and implementation that promote employee engagement and productivity, increase profitability, and maximize the Return on Investment. Additionally, he underlined the importance that should be given in taking into deep consideration the employee engagement and satisfaction as it is a primary aspect that will surely drive sales.

Event on workspace design and implementation

After the presentation, the floor was open to a Q&A session for all attendees to address any question or thought, making it a fitting end to a wonderful morning. The Business Breakfast Series is an initiative realised by STIRIXIS Group in order to bring together business people from different industries but with similar concerns and way of thinking. As it is believed that through a fruitful discussion and a future collaboration, they can create, together, great results for their companies and society.

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