There is a more than ample provision of information about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how rapidly it transforms business organisations; what they offer and how they are offering it. Nevertheless, AI is still surrounded by several myths which modern companies cannot afford to mistakenly support.

Let’s begin to share simple, beneficial, day-to-day AI truths!

  • According to each firm’s industry, there are specific machine learning methods which could be incorporated to several areas of corporate operations. There are no SMEs in need for all available algorithms.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to have some corporate processes implemented via the AI’s support. Thanks to automated machine learning’s advancements, the software itself makes it up for the required expertise.
  • AI within a company does not mean less jobs. On the contrary, given its proper implementation, more job positions are created when such powerful technology upgrades an organisation’s operations.
  • AI algorithms and processes are constantly under the threat of becoming obsolete. So, stay alert on what is out there that could benefit your company, as well as on the ways in which your already established technology can be used more effectively.

Bottom line? Don’t be afraid and don’t be too enthusiastic. Be cautious and open-minded.

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Simplicity, Synergy, and Scale.