There is no doubt that all modern organisations have realised the need to operate and think in an ethical and sustainable way. And although a number firms may apply such environmentally or socially friendly measures for the wrong reasons, most professionals truly believe in the value of such initiatives and pursue to work for companies which are socially responsible. Below there is a list with the top 10 CSR ideas for 2018, to act as sources of inspiration and imitation.

  1. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the Marc Jacobs legendary fashion label cooperated with the charity foundation SATO; a collaboration which resulted into the rescue of more than one thousand homeless puppies.
  2. ca, constituting a publishing Goliath, discovered a remarkable way to help educational, athletic, and regional groups to fundraise for programs that matter to their community by offering to them a percentage on purchases made with cause-specific codes.
  3. IKEA has structured a global support program for communities in crises. From building a school and donating toys to facilitating access to drinking water, the Swedish Empire is there to cater the need.
  4. What about the coolest of the coolest? Abercrombie & Fitch currently implements a 5-year and 15-million-dollar program. The clothing label supports the community camps and programs of the ‘SeriousFun Children’s Network’, a Foundation for children with severe illnesses.
  5. Investing 50 percent of its R&D budget in technologies supporting conservation and environmental protection, the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation is ranked among the most active philanthropic organisations in the EU, providing science with legit progress. For instance, its Bosch eXchange program remanufactures car components, generating 23,000 fewer metric tons of CO₂ annually, compared to new production.

6. Being loyal to its core business, LinkedIn partners with government, nonprofits, and the individual users in order to engage all these parties into providing career opportunities to refugees.

7. Ben & Jerry’s allocates more than $1.8 million per year in funding community actions, social change, and other sustainability initiatives in the company’s home state of Vermont and throughout the US.

8. One of the most diversified CSR programs worldwide can be found at Starbucks’ portfolio. From a literacy campaign in Canada and the US to the goal to hire 10,000 refugees and 25,000 veterans across 75 countries by 2025, the Starbucks Foundation is present and true to its commitments.

9. Through a well-planned ‘Run for the Oceans’ campaign, and by donating to Parley Ocean Plastic Program $1 million, Adidas fights to preserve marine life and to raise awareness about water pollution.

10. Disney, the number one company in the entertainment industry, has the social mission to strengthen communities “by providing hope, happiness, and comfort to kids and families who need it most”. Fairly enough, the company has been ranked one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” for two years in a row, after donating more than $400 million to nonprofit organizations.




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