Strategic services delivered.

Every successful concept starts with a systemic, well-thought and well-planned strategy.

Strategically designed concepts ensure the long-term success of your investment. We work closely with you from the first step, performing all required research and finalizing your business plan to successfully develop and roll out the commercial concept.

STIRIXIS Group truly considers commercial spaces as an investment. Our mission is to maximize the Return on Investment for our customers through our holistic range of services. We first analyse the strategy of the company and then approach all other aspects of the project. By studying the interaction between spaces and customers, STIRIXIS Group uses architectural & interior design, operational and branding design only as tools to create the optimum concept holistically upon which the business will flourish and prosper.

We have studied, analysed and designed successful business concepts for more than 22 years across 3 continents. Customer service, voices and scripts, your branding, signage, lights, textures, visuals or location analysis are some of the elements we consider. But also elements that work in a subconscious level, ease of navigation, scents, music, your storytelling. The key to success lies in identifying all these elements and designing them in detail so they are all aligned to produce the same perception, the same image of your brand, the same memorable experience.

We have a proven track record in laying all necessary groundwork for your project and then building upon that foundation, to achieve tremendous success and maximize your return on investment:


Bausch Health need an assessment for the new premises intended to be used by the company. A technical report was delivered to Bausch Health where the status of the asset was holistically evaluated, predictions on the works and permits required for the completion of the project, as well as a time schedule of the project were provided to the client.


Costa Navarino, one of the country’s most prestigious resorts hired our company’s consulting services for the launching of their new project; the development of the “Costa Navarino Residence Club” service.
Costa Navarino is famous for its beauty and it attracts an elite group of clientele who spend their summer holidays in one of the country’s most luxurious travel spots.

Our company proposed a new concept and delivered a complete business plan.

Daikin Hellas Logo

STIRIXIS Group delivered to Daikin strategic consulting services. A through research and analysis was realised to create an optimum franchise scheme towards the company’s collaborators. Additionally, STIRIXIS Group designed the concept, able to be adapted to all future facilities of Daikin, and the different dealers of the network.

The new concept has already been applied to 8 stores around the country, expanding the brand’s image. STIRIXIS Group managed to deliver, on time and within a limited budget, an excellent result.

See the project case here.


Domitia Properties is a growing group of private real estate owning companies, operating in the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. The company came to STIRIXIS Group for the location analysis and the creation of a proposal for the best use scenario of a building in the city center. Scenarios statements are created and the report is presented to the client.


Imperial Tobacco came to STIRIXIS Group for the training of the Top Management team on Systems Thinking and an in-depth workshop on the ways to maximise the set results.

Kafkas Logo

Kafkas, the leading Greek chain of electrical equipment and energy solutions, needed a new concept that would renovate its chain of stores and enhance the customer experience.

STIRIXIS Group redefined Kafkas’ business model, through strategic planning and market positioning analysis to reflect its vision of becoming the market leader and enhance its status from a product retailer to a complete solution provider. Following the decided new business strategy, a new concept was designed to be applied to all the stores of the chain.

The project was awarded the “Highly Commended Interior Greece” at the European Property Awards 2015-2016.

Kostarelos Logo

Kostarelos Greek Delicacies trusted our team with a complete set of services not only for the flagship store design but also for the whole concept creation: concept strategy, architectural design, construction management, branding, customer experience, operational design, strategic planning and communications strategy.

Furthermore, our company continues to offer its strategic consulting services for the brand’s promotion and its expansion, but also for the concept to remain constantly updated and refined while building strong brand recognition and awareness.

The concept is awarded as 5-Star Best Retail Interior Design Award Greece, at the International Property Awards 2016-2017, as well as with the Build Architecture Award for Best Greek F&B Project 2016.

More information about the project case here.

Kronos Logo

Since 1929, Kronos ice cream, produces and offers daily fresh artisanal ice creams. Today, the grandson Georgios Theofanides keeps the business running, and in 2018 decided to relaunch the brand, with new branding, brand identity and a store renovation.

STIRIXIS Group through its strategic services, defined the brand strategy following a holistic design thinking, upon which all next steps were based. Then, we created the concept and branding, with the incorporation of the architectural and operational design. Additionally, our branding services included the creation of all branding applications, starting with the logo redesign. All elements were aligned to create a robust brand identity and a unique environment for all clients.

Today, we continue our collaboration with marketing and commuinications advisory as well as graphic design applications.

The concept has been awarded for its Excellence Communication Design Brand Identity, by the German Design Awards 2019.

See the project case here.


Leroy Merlin came to STIRIXIS Group for the training and development of the company’s team. Weekly workshops were organised where our trainers prepared the team for the company’s further expansion.


STIRIXIS Group provided to Merck Group a pre project analysis & assessment on the new premises intended to be acquired by the company. Through an in-depth collaboration, a technical report was delivered where the status of the asset was holistically evaluated by the team of experts. Additionally, predictions on the works and permits required for the completion of the project were provided to the client.

Mister Baker Logo
Mister Baker is the UAE’s leading bakery chain founded in 1990 with a network of 18 stores across the UAE. Despite its leading position, in 2017 Mister Baker decided to invest further in upgrading its concept for its clients with a view to 2025. STIRIXIS Group worked closely with the management of Mister Baker to clarify and redefine the strategic objectives as well as to business plan the investment at hand and its expected return.
Based on the new agreed strategic guidelines, STIRIXIS Group evaluated the business plan, redesigned the logo and branding, designed a new architectural and operational concept and organized the roll-out throughout the chain, with the project management and author’s supervision of all stores.
The concept got awarded for its Interior Retail Design, by the International Property Awards 2018-2018.
See the project case here.


The Municipality of Athens wanted to reconstruct and reopen for the public, an old building previously used as an athletic center.
The aim of the Municipality of Athens was to promote the “well-being” and the trend of living a healthy lifestyle. STIRIXIS Group strategically analyzed the case and the trends and recommended to the client to make use of the existing premises, while expanding the services offered, to have a complete service available to all citizens.

The proposed concept is realised and the center is open to public.


During the past few years the Municipality of Athens implemented a variety of decisions in many different areas, all aimed at upgrading citizens’ lives and adapting the city to the new era.

The Mayor’s office contacted STIRIXIS Group for its strategic services, to assist by consulting on the large-scale renovation project of one of the city’s busiest public areas. STIRIXIS Group realised a field research, studied the area and defined all elements to create a useful and functional concept and deliver a business plan for the assigned building.

After the compilation and submission of the business plan, the building was decided to be used as a multipurpose center, where residents and citizens of the city of Athens could find information concerning entrepreneurship, especially for  social issues. Activities, lectures and formal events would take place, all in the effort to boost the local entrepreneurial scene. Furthermore, it would also give a greater incentive for the citizens to participate, appreciate and support their city.

Emerald Logo

SEENERGIA Group came to STIRIXIS Group for the creation of a new brand in the field of healthcare. STIRIXIS Group offered a full range of strategic services from Concept Strategy, Strategic Planning, Logo & Brand Identity Design, Architectural Design, Customer Experience Design, and Author’s Supervision.

Within a few months, together with the client, with our holistic approach, we defined the brand strategy, upon which all next steps were based. From the strategy designed, an appropriate concept and naming that represent the care, the protectiveness and warmness offered to the patients are created.

The Medical Center got awarded for its holistic design as Best in the Word from the International Property Awards 2018-2019.

Find more information about the project here. &


Switz Group came to STIRIXIS Group for the concept of Modern Oman Bakery. Modern Oman Bakery has a long history in the country and is operating through 21 stores in Oman. STIRIXIS Group was assigned to relaunch holistically a new successful concept for the stores, to reposition the brand, increase revenues and provide the maximum ROI. After the analysis realised, the redesign of the stores was proposed as well as the redesignof the logo and the brand identity. The  strategy was redefined, a turnaround plan was submitted and Key Metrics are placed to follow the progress of the concept.

The Ecali Club Logo

STIRIXIS Group in collaboration with the team of the Ecali Club set up the right business strategy for the club’s proper business development.

After realising surveys STIRIXIS Group designed the company’s strategy, the proper business model and moved towards developing the club’s new branding, through the design of all applications in marketing collateral as well as the brand architecture. STIRIXIS Group’s collaboration with The Ecali Club continues, as its consultant by offering its advisory services for the business development of the brand.

See the project case here.

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