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  • Concept Execution

An innovative office design for TÜV AUSTRIA’s Hellas “Regional Service Center”

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas has been operating in Greece since 1994 and is a 100% subsidiary of TÜV AUSTRIA, which has a presence in over 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The organization provides independent third-party services in the form of Technical Audits, Inspections, Certifications and transfer of know-how, combined with lifelong-learning services, in a large number of specialized sectors of economic activity.

Acknowledging the pandemic aftermath and the need to adapt into the new reality of a hybrid working model, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas selected STIRIXIS Group to undertake the design and project management of its new Regional Service Center in Athens.

The project

Our team of experts succeeded in delivering and designing the new innovative IT hub area with a holistic approach, seamlessly taking into consideration all the architectural, mechanical and electrical aspects, while integrating vibrant and strong environmental graphics.

The open offices, the meeting room and the booths – were strategically designed to enhance user experience, supporting the daily activities of the staff, while also combining focus, cross collaboration and contributing to the wellbeing of employees and partners. Moreover, the glass used as the main element for the separation walls, reinforces the feeling of openness and transparency.

The use of material textures and the attention to details add a warm outcome and give a sense of calmness to the overall result of a balanced and uplifting work environment. Different areas of collaboration, teamwork, social interaction but also privacy, help keeping people motivated, energized, and more productive.

High absorbent acoustic screening panels were installed around the working stations and the floor to achieve prompt sound insulation while natural light and lighting design ensure comfort and well-being of users.

Branding was enhanced with attractive and vibrant environmental graphics depicting elements of brand’s values, culture and heritage. Inspired by the Technological background of Regional Service Center we’ve developed a fade-out pixelated pattern that provides privacy and conveys the high-tech identity of the IT hub.

Construction completed successfully during covid-19 period and the project was delivered seamlessly on budget and on time. The look & feel of the concept is a modern, minimal and highly functional space that caters all the needs of the users while improving operations and leading to higher user engagement for the employees.

“STIRIXIS Group was assigned as our partner for the creation of TÜV AUSTRIA’s new, innovative IT hub in Athens; we call it “Regional Service Center” or simply “RSC”. STIRIXIS Group provided all we needed i.e. from design to the final execution. STIRIXIS Group managed to make our plans and thoughts come true and therefore we are already working with their team on our new project! STIRIXIS Group is a very reliable partner to work with creating your future facilities!”

Ioannis KalliasCEO, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas