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The Cycladic Pastry Shop.

Interested in launching a pastry shop on Paros island, the young couple who manages Tserki pastry shop contacted STIRIXIS Group. What they had in mind was a retail pastry concept store that combines both modern design with traditional characteristics. The shop would offer a wide variety of both sweet and savory pastry flavors all day and for every occasion.

As the store is quite centrally located, it is a perfect spot for both Paros island residents and tourists.

The project

STIRIXIS Group was thrilled to offer its architectural design services for the shop, with respect to the store efficiency, and functionality while turning the project into a sustainable investment.

In order to balance a modern design with the traditional Cycladic architectural elements of the island, the shop design was decided to have a modern industrial look and feel, using stylish fridges and windows, furniture with thin lines, grey and black colors. We added to this, some traditional details in shapes and colour finishes, such as the floor tiles, lights, wooden shelves, and partitions.

The name of the store, “Tserki”, is the word for metal cake ring used in pastry production. This option aims at enhancing the products’ freshness as the production of all pastry products is done on-site at the back-kitchen area of the store. This traditional name written in Latin characters is another touch that blends contemporary style with pastry making tradition.

Last but not least, great emphasis is placed in optimizing the customer’s flow and functionality, maximising the store efficiency. We placed two doors in the two sides of the store in order for the visitors to enter, move around and exit the store with more convenience. This way, we avoid traffic issues during rush touristic hours, while creating a memorable experience.