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STIRIXIS Group Workplace: A new space for our team in Athens!

The past five year have changed each of us, our company, the world around us. These changes have generated new possible futures for the world of work, which we have invested time in understanding, in explaining and in designing for.

One thing has become increasingly clear: collaboration, creativity, innovation, and Systems Thinking are crucial skills for building True Prosperity. Our new workplace is designed to support these skills, so that our team continues to grow and thrive and produce value that has a long-lasting impact on our client’s lives.

After locking down the location, we knew that this represented an opportunity to let strategy and creativity flow freely so that our workplace matched the identity and needs of our team and shared our passion for Workplaces of Prosperity with our clients.

From the very beginning, the workplace was designed with the right questions in mind:

What utilities and characteristics would justify our team coming to the office to work, instead of working remotely?
What is the new purpose of the working environment?
How can we blur the lines between work and home and create a place where each of us feels connected, a sense of belonging and is inspired to push forwards with integrity and empathy?
What are the best practices for a design that is human-centric and environmentally friendly?

These questions guided every decision throughout the process. We gathered data from our team about their problems in the previous offices, we used the insights generated by our Strategy Department about more than workplace trends: demographic trends, social trends and aligned every element of the system to address them holistically.  We applied the BREEAM Certification standards in choosing every material and technological solution. These elements, and many more, work together to create an ecosystem that does more than seamlessly complement a hybrid work model: it generates strength, inspiration and a resilient company culture.

The Space.

As creatives, we know that there is not only one space where we conduct our best work. The spaces must be as diverse as the work that we do. Some tasks require clarity of thought, peace of mind and deep focus. Other tasks require casual conversation, a warm cup of coffee and a comfortable couch where we can sit and meditate on an idea either alone or with anyone who passes by. Meetings require energy and a deep connection with the purpose of the project.

We defined these needs and then designed them in the space. A total of 9 work areas are available in the space, with different seating options to accommodate the unique needs of every team member. The workplace has a mixed address system, with set seats in closed offices for departments such as our Growth Department, Finance and Managers. The open plan area is designed for hot desking, with lockers available in the corridor to secure our belongings.

Technologies to boost focus and wellbeing, which we use in several of our client projects, are now ours too. State of the art light and sound design as well as integrated devices in meeting rooms that support the seamless collaboration with teams working remotely were key pillars in securing the functionality of the space.

The Environmental Graphics.

The lines between work, rest and play are blurred in our teams. Creativity requires a bit of everything. This is the idea that inspired the design of environmental graphics. We let our graphic design team design, laugh and communicate its passion within the broad bounds of only two categories: the elements that communicate our ethos, and the elements that showcase what makes us different.

This is only the beginning!

It is such an amazing time to be leading the designs for the next generation of work. Our new offices represent more than who we’ve always been, everything that we can evolve into. And we’re excited.