St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel




  • Concept Strategy
  • Concept Design
  • Concept Execution

Proper hospitality design is key in increasing hotel appeal & profitability.

St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel, a well-respected hotel in Athens, was “looking tired”, and therefore turned to STIRIXIS Group, the multiple times awarded agency for its hospitality design and consultancy services, to renovate its premises. The design strategy aimed to bring the hotel back to its high standards, through its modern design and unified brand identity.

The project

STIRIXIS Group, after its holistic hospitality design strategy analysis offered the services of architectural design and execution. The renovation resulted in a substantial increase of efficient working hours, a substantial increase of bookings for events, while the high level of customer experience offered led to an immediate increase in sales, an increase in consumption and length of stay, as well as an increase of target group range.

“With the impressive hospitality design, the renovation of the outer area, the refurbishment of the St. George Lycabettus Hotel has been completed. With complex countenances defined by high-level aesthetics, clear and fine lines with sub-white colourings on the outside and point based lighting in blue and orange LED, the boutique character of the hotel is highlighted, accomplishing a very pleasant and eliminating result. The project by STIRIXIS Group team of experts was delivered with great success.”

Tonia VasilopoulouOwner, St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel