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A fascinating showroom @ Samsung HQ Greece

STIRIXIS Group was assigned the design of Samsung Electronics Hellas European B2B display showroom. A 90-square-meters space inside the headquarters of Samsung Electronics, located in the northern suburb of Athens, Marousi.  

Samsung Electronics is the world tech leader, following a simple business philosophy: always dedicating its technology and talent to the creation of products and services that contribute to a better worldwide society! 

The project

STIRIXIS Group adopting its holistic strategical approach once again, designed the space in order to meet Samsung’s requirements in terms of functionality and engagement of its visitors. The space is divided theoretically in two zones (tech products – household appliances) and practically in five. The reception area, the living area, the mobile area, the showroom area and the web surf area, each one separately serving different needs and as a whole reflecting Samsung’s philosophy and scope of business. 

The challenge of the project was to create a showroom where all the different product categories could be demonstrated in a way that captures the visitors’ attention and creates interest in a relaxing and impressive environment reflecting Samsung’s innovative identity.  

Both smart household appliances and tech-savvy products were presented each within a dedicated separate space arranged in a way that conveys the need of the end user that they fulfill. At the same time, the specific positioning of the products, combined with the rest of the space design, had as their main goal to create a relaxed cozy atmosphere feeling like home.  

The holistic approach of STIRIXIS Group resulted in a space where Samsung promoted its unique dynamic brand identity, while every aspect is carefully planned to ensure a unique visitors’ journey and high engagement, meeting simultaneously corporate objectives. 

“I am delighted with our new showroom that showcases our most advanced technological solutions for Home, Mobile but also Retail and Hospitality. It was a great pleasure working with Stirixis on this project. The holistic approach of architecture, design and lighting manages to showcase our products in the most premium and functional way while creating a unique customer experience.”

Christina MiliarakiHead of Marketing, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung