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Loumidis Coffee Shops expands with our retail design and strategy services!

What’s the optimal way to combine systems thinking, strategy, and retail design to boost customer trust and satisfaction, whilst also appealing to new customers within the market sector? This is exactly what we explored for our clients at Loumidis Coffee Shops

The client

In 1920, Loumidis Coffee Shops was born out of a passion for high-quality coffee and a shared vision of three brothers to provide rich coffee blends to their Greek neighborhood. More than a century later, Loumidis Coffee Shops is the most well-known coffee brand in Greece and has become synonymous with coffee. Currently, the brand owns a network of 10 retail stores. Now, in the hands of the family’s third generation, the brand approached STIRIXIS Group to be their partner in innovating and expanding their business by transforming their flagship store in the center of Athens. 

The project

Our team strategically combined our in-depth knowledge of retail trends with our client’s goal to offer authentic coffee experiences and designed the first coffee serving spot in the long history of the company, as well as all the branding required to support this service.  

The new store serves a two-fold goal: to boost the returning customer’s experience by offering them a 360 degrees experience that ignites all the senses, whilst giving new customers an access point where they can try the products and build a trusting relationship with the brand, contributing to the business’ new era. 

With both goals in mind, our team decided to creatively use one of the two window fronts of their existing retail store to install the coffee brew bar. This way, the new services are accessible from the street to potential customers passing by. At the same time, the layout of the store would not be disrupted, maintaining the sense of familiarity to loyal customers. Once you step inside, the brightness and freshness that the coffee corner adds to the store (and brand) is evident. The ceiling incorporates elements such as daylight shade lighting and biophilic design, which create a contrast from the outside urban ambiance, immediately inducing feelings of happiness and wellbeing to both customers and employees. Furthermore, to seamlessly transition between the old store and the new shop in shop, the materials chosen are modern, yet consistent to the look and feel of the store. The granite that is prevalent in the coffee brew bar is a classy, yet minimalistic and modern choice that adds light to the store and pairs perfectly with the marble in the rest of the store.  

In addition, concept branding services were included in the creation of this new corner. Our team utilized the brand’s traditional deep blue color which was already present within the store and prevalent to the brand’s identity. Our designers built on it and introduced the complimentary color which creates a modern twist and communicates optimism, freshness and innovation. The patterns our team designed are all of symbolic relevance; the round circle is a reference to the 360 degree experience that the new concept will now provide to customers, while the three thick lines act as a subtle reminder of the three generations that the brand is built on. The mill is a reminder of both the brand’s deep passion for coffee — as it resembles a coffee mill — but is also a metaphor for ‘the winds of change’ and the brand’s constant desire for evolution. Many more messages are hidden behind the geometric symbols, which you can explore below.  


Finally, a series of branded collaterals and elements were designed and produced to suit this new identity, whilst bringing the packaging materials in a more environmentally friendly level. All materials produced follow the symbolic identity and colors aforementioned. This is the final touch which completed the transformation of the brand and elevates customer experience while communicating the brand’s values!   

See this project come to life in the video below! Curious for more retail design projects? Click here!

“The retail strategy & design concept of the new “Coffee Brew Bar” located in our historic flagship store at Omonoia Square, Athens was a challenging and demanding project. Working with STIRIXIS was a creative journey full of fresh design ideas and best retail practices. The STIRIXIS Team deeply understood our strategic needs & business objectives and managed to combine successfully our 102 years old brand equity with modern retail coffee serving trends.The outcome is impressive and has become the new talk of the town! Thank you STIRIXIS for the great collaboration and the excellent work!”

Nikolas LoumidisChief Financial Officer, Loumidis Coffee Shops