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Redefining R&D Centres with RAFARM!

With the goals to redefine what a working space looks and feel like, our team transformed RAFARM’s building into a brand new mixed-use space of 2,500 meters squared. The high specifications and demanding Labs are seamlessly combined with office areas. RAFARM’s R&D is open, bright, warm, and modern, creating the perfect first impression and welcoming the user or the visitor smoothly into a more engaging yet corporate environment.

The client

RAFARM is a well-established European manufacturer highly specialized in the research, development and supply of a wide range of complex pharmaceutical products with a specific focus on sterile forms, in particular ophthalmic products (solutions, suspensions and emulsions) and complex injectable products. RAFARM was established in 1974 and is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Greece.

The project.

Transforming Rafarm’s warehouse into an impressive, human-centred, multi-functional workplace involved a series of strategic, design and executional decisions that our team successfully took.

Functional creativity dominates the exterior design of this project. Playful colourful details communicate the unique and innovative identity of our client, while the materials and angle of their placement ensure that plentiful light enters in office areas, while limiting light and heat in all Lab areas.

The interior design that our team developed redefines work and the workplace, by improving employee satisfaction levels through user experience design. The design of the new office space inspires more collaboration through the open-plan layout, whilst also enabling deep concentration through private closed booth areas. The space creates the ideal balance between minimal and colorful, reflecting the corporate values and identity. Lighting design and automation installations were very critical to the success of the design. High-quality fixtures have been specified to provide a realiably consistent color of light, high output low energy consumption fixtures were chosen and positioned in such a way to distribute the light appropriately even at the bright times of day, where ample external sunlight comes into the interior. 

When you enter the offices from any floor, a decompression zone allows you to “breath-in” the new concept. Open, bright, warm, and modern, it creates the perfect first impression and welcomes the user or the visitor smoothly into a more engaging yet corporate environment. Social Zones and open break-out area come into play in different point of the office. They are the perfect place for an informal chat, a cup of coffee to increase authentic communication between users, providing a mixed functionality of kitchen, relaxation, and brainstorming areas. They aim to be comfortable to informally collaborate, as well as focus and allow “food for thought”. 

Meeting zones are designed to support different forms of a more structured collaboration. This zone offers a wide range of connective technologies to support communication and collaboration of teams in a physical or virtual form. 

The Labs, are seamlessly combined with office areas despite the high specifications they are based on. Special HVAC installations control Temperature, Humidity, Air purity and Air pressure, ensuring the LABS conform to high level clean room specifications. Special Air locks in doors, ensure the air tight areas and special lockers and personnel areas accommodate the needs of the employees. 

“The creation of a modern and innovative Research and Development Centre for Rafarm was a difficult and demanding project that STIRIXIS Group took on. It is a milestone for our development and we are confident that it will enhance our research and development capabilities for sterile compounded pharmaceuticals, mainly ophthalmic and injectable. Thank you team STIRIXIS!”

Aris MitsopoulosVice President