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Α unique retail design for Passion Fashion from STIRIXIS Group.

STIRIXIS Group designs the new retail store of Passion Fashion in Athens city center. Passion Fashion is a well-established, in the mind of consumers, brand as it constitutes a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of metallic components for the bijoux and leather goods industry since 1975. Apart from its long presence through its physical store in the city center, the company has launched an online store.

The project

As part of its development strategy, Stirixis Group created for the brand a concept store with an all-inclusive approach: retail store, showroom and meeting areas for the designers and end clients. The store is located in the center of Athens, on a floor of a building which comprises a wide retail area where all products are for sale, a meeting area where sampling of new products is done and a “relax” corner where visitors can rest, take their coffee and discuss further on their ideas.

 The new store is bigger and has a neoclassical architecture. Following our holistic approach and the in-depth strategic analysis, for the new store of Passion Fashion, our design approach focused on creating an easily visited space mixing the classic romantic elements of the ceilings of the asset with industrial elements, making a subconscious reference to the production as well as the creative activities of the company. Grey screed style flooring, iron black elements, and wide white surfaces are the color palette of the environment, while red details are also carefully placed based on the company’s identity.

The main idea that fueled the whole concept was a gallery exposition; a place where someone can stroll around, admire, explore and find the products they might need with ease. The store is strategically divided into the following areas; the exposition area at the decompression zone, where the products are promoted in free-standing windows in their final form to inspire the visitors, the attraction zone where all products are exposed, the involvement zone where a “relax” area is designed for the customers to sit, check the products, talk and get assistance from the highly trained and friendly personnel, and, finally, the engagement zone that constitutes the last stage of the client’s journey.

The free-standing exhibition stands are tailor-made, designed with angles, to optimize the customer flow, leading the customer’s path, while the products displayed are categorized and placed with a clear segmentation, accompanied by the relevant signage. Additionally, the walls are high enough to be used also for storing reasons, minimizing the need for extra storage space.
In order to create a unique experience for the visitors, as well as for safety reasons, lockers are placed at the entrance of the store. In this way, the customers can stroll around the store hands-free, while also baskets can be used. Moreover, to accommodate the need for meetings with some clients, we additionally designed a fully functional meeting room located at the corner of the store, not to cause any disturbances between the different parts.

At the “relax” area the walls have been treated as a canvas to convey the profile of the company. A composition of graphics, photos of the timeline of the company and production moulds where the metallic components are shaped create an interesting wallpaper.

“We found about STIRIXIS Group online, and we thought why not to meet them? Within the first meetings, we understood the differentiation, deriving from their holistic approach…The collaboration started fluently, with the strategic analysis of the brand and then the concept creation. The long history of Passion Fashion was respected and incorporated into the concept. The additional value we expected was given by STIRIXIS Group and this is why we feel happy with our choice and collaboration. Regarding the result and the store itself, it is truly fascinating and the feedback we gather from our clients is very positive. Thank you STIRIXIS Group team!”

Tony PsomopoulosManaging Director, Passion Fashion