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The New Omilia Workspace

The leader in Interactive voice response (IVR) technology and language processing systems, Omilia, contacted STIRIXIS Group to create a concept and offer architectural design for their offices taking into consideration the company’s strategic aims and brand identity while achieving a high level of User Experience, especially for all the millennials in Omilia’s teams.

The project

Visitors entering the office, face an impressive Graphic Design and two swings that set the tone for the rest of the office. This is a place where high-performance work and fun come together, resulting in high employee productivity and a memorable experience!

The open plan office design allows employees to interact with each other, boosting teamwork and collaboration, two main values of Omilia. Teams can also work together in many available small meeting rooms, decorated with vibrant colors of sound-absorbing surfaces that offer a cheerful spirit and the ability to focus on the task at hand, enhancing employee productivity. All rooms are fully equipped with advanced IT solutions that support connectivity and padded with sound-absorbing materials that limit noise levels. The executives’ offices are placed to the side of the open space, close to the teams, while at the same time offering privacy when needed.

The final touch is the relax area and playful open-view kitchen, both acting as chill-out areas for team members to relax and enjoy a short break together with their friends, offering a unique employee experience. The brand identity is placed through-out the offices, creating a vibrant and welcoming environment.

What we created is a modern, branded, functional and powerful office design, boosting employee productivity and engagement by offering a variety of work areas in which employees can achieve Omilia’s strategic goals collectively.