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A new retail chain for the well-known brand

This project is a great example of STIRIXIS Group’s philosophy in action. Our company was approached by Nova, Greece’s most prominent satellite television provider, who recently expanded horizontally into telephony and Internet provision. The new retail concept for the company’s chain of stores was a challenge and as always, we delivered more than a simple design. Instead, we delivered a complete retail store concept design which could then be adapted to Nova’s whole network. This concept included strategy and our holistic approach through our business consulting services, but also our creative services for the new architectural and interior design, effective store branding, and construction management. The aim was to improve the customer experience for all visitors who enter the store and maximize our customer’s RoI.

The project

Pagrati Store:

Taking into consideration the brand recognition and positioning in the market, we built upon the established identity that Nova already had within the Greek market, and incorporated Nova’s recognizable elements into the new stores.

Glyfada Store:

The main concept for the specific project was a home cinema where potential customers can experience the whole range of Nova’s products while sitting comfortably on a beautiful little couch. We used warm and sombre colours within the whole area, and strategically placed lighting that underscores the products, essentially doubling that feeling one has when a movie is about to begin. Comfort and calm.

Nea Smyrni Store:

We segmented the store into different sections each dedicated to a specific product type: telephony, internet, television, and other products. This way, the open environment makes visitors feel welcome to look around and learn more about the whole range of products and services offered. With the placement of proper signage, customers can easily navigate to the store and find what they want, quickly and without hassle.

Large screens with entertainment content in a constant display are used, thus underscoring the entertainment aspect of the brand. Finally, for the little visitors who are accompanied by their guardians, we created a small children’s area just for them, to sit and enjoy themselves safely while they are waiting for their guardians.

“I consider STIRIXIS Group an essential partner in the project of Nova stores renovation and the development of our new retail store concept. They successfully delivered our scope for a customer-centric, digitalized but yet homey store that offers a superior retail experience of Nova services to our customers. All the persons we have worked with were very helpful, knowledgeable and creative. I would highly recommend STIRIXIS Group for their forward thinking and quality in all aspects of their work.”

Dionysis TsitosMarketing Director, Forthnet