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New offices are designed for Marine Tours Headquarters.

STIRIXIS Group strategically designed the offices of Marine Tours, one of the largest Travel Organizations in Greece, with specialization in corporate clients, shipping companies and VIP’s.

Established in 1980, Marine Tours’ first office began operating in Piraeus, with the fundamental business objective to operate in the realm of travel services for shipping companies located around the Piraeus harbor. Nowadays, Marine Tours’ travel services and activities span in all sectors of the travel industry both on a local and international basis, with the use of up-to-date technology, dynamic and creative management, know-how, and a long-standing history in the Industry.

The project

The company needed the complete renovation of the existing headquarter offices at the city center, the architectural design for the new premises acquired, and the complete interior design for all premises. Our team of experts addressed all the strategic goals of the well-established company in a total area of 1.000 sq.m. at the 3-level building of the HQs. Functionality, flexibility, transparency and the brand’s leader’s profile, applied in an open plan approach, have been the main pillars for this renovation.

The concept created, from the architectural design to the materials selected, promotes the main vision of the company to meet accurately and on time any travel needs the customers may face.

Open plan office design is used for the employees in all the departments, while for the managers, closed offices with integrated meeting areas were created, to host quick meetings. Tailor-made wooden structures used as separators are combined with the modern grey-white office furniture, creating a unique result that reflects the company and its values: customer service supported by a strong technological background. All technological elements available to balance the openness of the offices, such as sound-absorbing, glass and wood partitions, are adopted to maximize the functionality of the workspace while allowing privacy whenever needed.

The tailor-made furniture placed in several areas of the offices are combined with the existing ones. The result reflects the company and its uniqueness. Designing some tailor-made furniture gave us the possibility to match the different colors, styles, and fabrics, while acquiring a long-lasting, perfect fit and maximum efficiency in the premises. The dynamism and worldwide recognition of the company are communicated through the structures selected. That is exactly what we pursue when designing a new concept.

The elegant, hand-made reception has a significant and strategic position in the environment, as it welcomes both the clients and the employee and is the first thing someone sees when entering the company premises. The customised fitted kitchens adapt to all requirements in terms of space and functionality, using materials, such as the latest generation woven vinyl and LVT flooring, lacquered and melamine furniture to host the employees and their daily working life.

Meeting and training rooms are accommodated on all floors to respond to all the requirements of the daily functions of the company and its workforce. Sound absorbing materials, functional and comfortable furniture, and the latest technology are fully incorporated, evoking a positive experience to all users.

The environmental graphics created have mingled harmoniously with the architectural materials and consist a strong element of the design of the offices; concept images and inspirational messages are placed on the walls, augmented shapes springing from the brand’s logo are applied on the glass partitions. Through experiential graphic design, the architectural setting is enhanced, creating a beautiful and harmonic environment for the employees. Additionally, each architectural structure stands as an extension of the established company brand, values, and culture.

The end result is a calm and easily adaptable space, where the personnel can work in and collaborate agreeably while the company’s long history and potential is successfully communicated to the visitors. There are no words to express the gratitude of STIRIXIS Group for the collaboration and the mutual understanding with Marine Tours for the demanding but fascinating project delivered.

“STIRIXIS Group was an excellent, reliable and fully supportive partner during the full renovation of our workspace. From the initial design proposals to the actual implementation which took place while our workspaces were 100% operational, their consistency and care was the cornerstone of this project.”

Konstantinos OikonomouVice President & CEO, Marine Tours