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A stimulating, powerful and positive working environment for the new workplace of Linakis Digital.

The fresh, vibrant and engaging concept of the new offices’ of Linakis Digital, the awarded digital design and digital transformation agency, inspired by invention is designed by STIRIXIS Group.

Linakis Digital provides world-class user experience and digitalization services that include digital strategy & consulting, UX & UI service design, website & mobile applications development. With more than 75 awards in its portfolio, Linakis Digital proves its broad experience in digital transformation projects in various industries such as banking, airlines, tourism, insurance, telecoms, and pharmaceuticals.

The project

The offices of the inspiring digital agency couldn’t refrain from following and reflecting the company’s innovative character. A great emphasis is given to the environmental graphics designed by STIRIXIS Group graphic design team, transforming the new offices in a canvas where creativity can flourish. Following the brand’s playful identity, a new concept is created with symbols and geometrical elements. The experiential graphic design created responds to several needs; from way-finding to visual brand’s communications improving creativity and mental focus, as well as, well-being. A unique experience for the people using the space is offered, fostering creativity, along with contributing to the brand experience.

The new offices consist of open plan areas divided by departments bringing people together, encouraging faster learning, better communication, and more ideas to be created. Sound- absorbing materials are used to reduce sound levels and control of reverberation, while keeping the optimum level of activity, empowering the team collaboration, concentration, and motivation. Due to the strategic placement of the sound absorbing panels, the team can reclaim their privacy or foster collaboration when appropriate, improving overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

Great significance is also given to lighting and thermal comfort, as they play a vital role in the teams’ performance and attitude. The building’s large windows are fully exploited. The natural light improves mood and energy, and greatly impacts focus and productivity. In the areas where light is less, led lights are placed to reduce fatigue and increase happiness and work performance while enforcing the architectural design and illuminating the room evenly.

Regarding the furniture designed; the reception desk, at the entrance, reflects the vision, branding, and personality of the company. A white, prismatic, custom-made reception stands alone emanating creativity by its interesting and surprising design, while portraying the innovative character of the company. Additionally, in the common areas the selection of straight-lined modern office desks, combined with the vivid environmental graphics of the company’s identity, reflect its original character.

The result is a healthy and pleasant workplace environment, positively influencing employee motivation and happiness. At the same time, productivity is improved and costs related to absenteeism, turnover, workers’ compensation, and medical claims, are reduced, leading to sales increase for the company.

“At Linakis digital fusing innovation and a digital mindset is what makes us tick. When we moved to our new Head office in Metamorfosi, we asked STIRIXIS Group to translate our values and manifesto into a new exciting workspace. Their creative team came up with proposals for a new flexible space, that speaks Linakis digital, while allowing our teams to grow and welcome new members. We especially loved STIRIXIS Group environmental designs featuring emblematic original iconography and typography that adorn our walls and office spaces. This created a holistic identity that inspires employees and clients alike. We also asked for an open space format that allows people to mingle, while helping reduce noise. STIRIXIS Group produced an effective method to cater both with their noise reduction solutions. STIRIXIS Group delivered out of the box ideas, working entirely within budget and time restraints. This facilitated relocation to our new workspace minimizing disruption to the agency’s daily life. A big thank you to all the project team.”

Marios & Vasilis LinakisFounders, Linakis Digital