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  • Concept Design
  • Concept Execution

An Outstanding Pastry Concept

Kousko is a unique pastry shop in Kalamata, Greece. STIRIXIS Group’s mission was the architecture and design of the store concept and create an environment that would communicate the incomparable character and brand identity of Kousko for its second store -and hopefully the many more to come, and make it a daily meeting point in a fast-paced visiting clientele.

The project

The designed concept demonstrated an innovative approach. By combining features from the first store concept, and introducing a more industrial look with homey elements to soften the overall feeling, STIRIXIS Group has successfully delivered a retail identity for Kousko to apply, and become both a local and tourist attraction.

Black colour combined with vanilla-white lacquered wood details, resulted into a refined yet traditional store that became a hang out for both locals and tourists. An outstanding element of the store was the combination of rust paint and the vivid rose colours on the other wall, which was decorated with ceiling rosettes of different sizes, creating an interesting contrast, enforcing though the brand image.