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A new unified, stand alone building for the company!

After the first successful collaboration with GEP Group, STIRIXIS Group was assigned the new HQs’ redesign, since its upgrowth created the need of a new space.

GEP Group was founded in 2000 by specialists in Occupational Health and Safety and has evolved today into a Leader of its Industry in Greece. Having the most complete and specialized network of Occupational Doctors and Safety Officers, GEP Group has become a valuable business partner to Greek Companies.

The project

The company decided to move its -previously separated- offices & training center into one stand alone building in Maroussi, that would encompass all services (offices, academy, training center) and accommodate all its personnel’s needs.

The first office design was completed in 2017, therefore STIRIXIS Group had to implement its holistic approach in order to “transfer” and maintain most of the existing elements to the new interior, but also remodel the space according to the new extended needs of the company. Additionally, the team had to preserve the look and feel of the new building, unifying it harmonically with the modern brand identity of GEP Group, since some of its dominant parts could not be discarded.

The final deliverable leads to an airy space with lots of natural light from the perimetrical openings and a great vista of the surroundings. Functionality is a major priority for GEP Group, especially after the unification of its space units. The building’s interior design, based on the recent trends and quality standards of workplaces, gives the opportunity both to the visitors to enjoy their training courses and the employees to sustain their high performance. Respectively, the outdoor space offers a unique coaching experience due to the highly skilled experts and set up equipment.

The branding enhancement and the offered environmental graphics updated GEP Group’s dynamic and contributed to its overall developmental course. Proof of the company’s growth was also the decision to, finally, unify each different space into one, maintaining -at the same time- its required importance. STIRIXIS Group was there since day one to guide GEP Group and constantly provide its know-how in order to meet every need and expectation!

“Working with STIRIXIS is a journey of experience all the way through. It’s not about their technical expertise but they are unique partners in delivering excellence by any means. They gently handle work space as a vehicle of culture and values and they transform every day working to an ideal brand-based space, fostering creativity and productivity. Thank you STIRIXIS team for the amazing results and your support to GEP!”

George LambrinosCEO, GEP Group