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A complete renovation of Eltrak ‘s offices in Athens.

Eltrak, a leader in providing top-tier equipment and services, collaborated with STIRIXIS Executive to transform its office environment. This strategic move towards a branded, hybrid-friendly workspace not only reflects Eltrak’s commitment to modern work dynamics but also enhances its corporate identity and employee engagement.

The client

Eltrak, a distinguished name in the field of equipment and services, has long been recognized for its commitment to excellence and innovation. With a rich history and a deep understanding of the industry, Eltrak has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable equipment solutions. In a move to further align its physical workspace with its corporate ethos, Eltrak partnered with STIRIXIS Executive, a leading consultancy and design firm, to undertake a transformative redesign of its offices.

The project.

This collaboration aimed to create a workspace that not only mirrors Eltrak’s brand identity but also supports the evolving needs of modern workspaces. The redesign focused on creating an environment that is adaptable, encourages collaboration, and promotes the well-being of its workforce.

Understanding the significance of a conducive work environment, Eltrak strategically invested in the redesign of its offices. A pivotal element of this transformation was the reimagining of meeting rooms. These spaces were transformed into creative and collaborative hubs, equipped with advanced technology and designed to inspire innovation and strategic thinking.

In response to the global shift towards flexible working models, the new office design supports a hybrid working environment. This approach enables employees to effortlessly transition between in-office and remote work, maintaining productivity and engagement regardless of location.

Central to Eltrak’s office transformation is the goal to foster a strong sense of belonging among its employees. The new design incorporates elements that reflect the company’s values and culture, creating a space where employees feel a deep connection and sense of value.

Eltrak’s office transformation, executed by STIRIXIS Executive, exemplifies the impact of strategic design in creating spaces that meet both the functional needs of a business and enhance its brand identity and employee experience. This investment in their workspace is a forward-thinking initiative, positioning Eltrak as a modern, employee-centric organization, ready to embrace the future of work.

“From start to finish, our office transformation experience with STIRIXIS Executive was nothing short of exceptional. The results speak volumes about their expertise and dedication. Beyond the physical transformation, this office redesign has catalyzed a cultural shift within our organization. It has fostered an environment of openness, creativity, and inclusivity. Our team now shares ideas more freely, collaborates effortlessly, and approaches work with renewed enthusiasm. It's as if our redesigned office has become a symbol of our commitment to progress and innovation. One aspect that truly touched us was STIRIXIS Executive's dedication to employee wellbeing. They integrated ergonomic furniture, calming design elements, appropriate lighting, sound proofing elements and spaces for reflection. Our team's comfort and mental health were not just a consideration; they were a priority throughout the design process. It's evident that Stirixis understands that a thriving work environment starts with the wellbeing of its people. Thank you STIRIXIS Executive! ”

Natasha Covas-Kneiss CEO, Eltrak Group