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Α unique retail concept for ELPEDISON from STIRIXIS Group.

STIRIXIS Group’s systemic philosophy is used once again at the retail project of Elpedison. Our company was approached by ELPEDISON, a leading company in Greece both in electricity production as well as electricity and gas supply.

ELPEDISON, with its two privately owned power plants, uses exclusively natural gas, following a production process which is considerably friendly to the environment. It’s a well-established company that focuses on a high-quality customer service, effectively supporting its customer base.

The project

The leadership of the company trusted our team of experts for the creation of a retail concept specially tailored to the customer’s engagement and the optimization of the available retail area.

The retail concept design for the company’s new store in Athens was a challenge and as always, our team of experts delivered more than expected. This concept included retail strategy, concept design, location analysis, operational model, branding services, and construction management.

In terms of retail store design, the main theme of the concept created are the curved lines, communicated through signage at the façade
as well as the form of walls at the interior of the store.

Regarding the branding services offered, the graphics in the brand’s colours strengthen further the identity, while also guiding the customer journey. Throughout the interior, carefully designed accent lighting allows the content at the monitors to be dominant. The environmental consciousness of the brand is promoted through the integration of a tree at the center of the impressive sitting area.

An impressive store has therefore been created, offering an easy and fast customer journey, increased customer engagement and maximum retail area for communication and promotions. The customer passes through all the store’s zones and touch points: highly-technological and user-friendly booths, digital screens, floor standing interactive kiosks and easy payment solutions.

In this particular retail store, the visitor can notice that there are two separate areas of customer services;
the one that is available for the payment of the electricity bills, and the other in which the company’s staff gives information -among others- about the offering services.

The overall experience gives visitors the sense that the space is vivid, as the walls seem to have some movement, from the design to the environmental graphics applied to them, which were carefully and strategically designed by STIRIXIS Group’s experts.

The concept and the store design has been more than warmly received by the customers, confirming that the retail strategy applied and the systemic, proprietary to STIRIXIS Group, approach to it, are successful. More stores are on the way and new implementations have been lined up for the future, so stay tuned!

“STIRIXIS Group high level of professionalism and expertise combined with deep understanding of customers' needs and with strong and effective cooperation resulted in an outcome matching all the strategic priorities stated in the RFP. Looking back, we feel confident about our initial choice to collaborate with STIRIXIS Group, and we are looking forward to our next common projects! A deep and sincere THANK YOU to all the team for your insights, hard work, and commitment!”

Elias ParaskevopoulosSales Manager, Indirect Channel, ELPEDISON SA