• Concept Strategy
  • Concept Design
  • Concept Execution

The digital store gets its proper physical store.

Our involvement in this retail store was crucial in conveying the brand identity and create a distinctive store architecture design that communicates the brand positioning. As the digital identity of the brand is already established in the customer’s mind because of the online store, the physical store should be consistent with the existing image.

The project

The main idea of the concept was created by the idea of  “parking lots”; a place where anyone can stroll around, explore easily and find the products he/she needs. The store design is strategically divided into the following areas: the mobile cases area (as the higher percentage of revenue), the zone of contact with the highly trained personnel (employees offering help and advice, repairing products and offering the service of the customization of cases) and the area dedicated to additional products (including headphones, chargers etc.).

To optimize customer flow and the retails store’s functionality in the store design, due to the limited space that is available, the products displayed are categorized and placed in a clear manner. The need for storage areas was foreseen and therefore designed into every furniture placed in store.

The main color scheme chosen is orange with black details, following the branding strategy of ebnb, as it is its main identity color and by incorporating it into the physical store design we succeeded in maintaining a unified brand image. Additionally, the whole store design was opted to be easily recognizable, enforcing the brand identity and thus, a distinctive look was developed throughout the store design.

“STIRIXIS Group was the chosen partner not only for the redesign of Bizerba Hellas offices in Athens but also for the project of designing our two offices in Thessaloniki and Crete. The aim was to have a unique and recognizable identity for all offices that will communicate our company’s values and long history. It was a challenging project that underwent many changes that STIRIXIS Group managed to overcome with excellent results. A big thank you to all of STIRIXIS Group team for a great collaboration!”

Manousos GeorgopoulosCEO,