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Relaunching Dunlopillo’s retail concept…

Since 1931, Dunlopillo has been committed to providing the ideal natural environment for a good night’s sleep as the leading manufacturer of quality latex mattresses, toppers, beds and pillows, gaining international recognition in more than 80 countries worldwide. In Greece, Dunlopillo has its own factory of 7,500 m2where mattresses and furniture are manufactured, with more than 40 physical locations, both stores and shop-in-shops, all over the country.  

STIRIXIS Group has been assigned Dunlopillo’s new retail concept under a new branding and the implementation of the pilot storea total area of 275sq.m.being situated in the northern suburbs of Attica  

The project

Respecting Dunlopillo’s identity, our main strategy is the creation of a modern and welcoming space that offers a lighthearted experience to the customer. The conceptual elements, inspired by the natural environment, are carefully designed to resemble the soothing atmosphere of one’s home, adding an extra layer of charm to the physical store.  

Since the store offers the opportunity to try out mattresses and sleeping products, a care-free environment is needed where potential buyers can allow themselves to unwind and take their own time to try themThe showroom entrance manages to visually communicate this with the signature wall, where a photo of a Rubber Tree Forest is featuredthe trees from which the brand’s signature Talalay Latex materials are harvested from. The space’s dominant colors are warm green and black, so that the store inspires a sense of gravitas and expertise as a reputable business. At the same time, the earthy hues on the walls, paired with lighting elements, enhance the feeling of relaxation 

As the project concerns a brand with mattresses as their cornerstone product, the brand’s expertise is accurately communicated, mainly through their technical specifications. We created a system for each exhibited product that consists of a shelf, a frame with said information and a set of 3D letters, naming the type of each mattress. The frame and letters are placed rather freely on the shelf, associatively reminding a personal and familiar space, thus enhancing a relaxing mood. 

We’re pleased to mention that despite carrying out the project in the midst of a pandemic, we delivered our services on budget and on time. 

“STIRIXIS Group has been a trusted partner throughout our collaboration starting from our original concept years ago to our new concept design. STIRIXIS Group’s team always rises to the challenge no matter the circumstances, which have been particularly difficult as of late. Our brand’s strategy and identity are perfectly communicated through the new retail concept which I am sure will prove to have a maximum return on investment. The new concept has been warmly welcomed by our customers. STIRIXIS Group comes highly recommended as far as we are concerned, and we would be happy to work with them again anytime.”

Christos KatsimparosCEO, Dunlopillo Greece