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Stratosphere is our limit!

STIRIXIS Group strategically designed the new offices of Drone Solutions; an innovative company focusing on Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The company offers a full range of consulting services with turn-key solutions on the most suitable drone platforms, while the Drone Solutions Academy provides recreational and professional drone training programs, seminars, webinars, workshops and other activities to enhance productivity, quality and efficiency capacities.

The project

Drone Solutions needed the complete renovation of the building where the headquarter offices are located, to host the wide variety of tasks performed and services offered; from office work and meeting areas to consulting, and from academy training in simulator rooms to the first Skyport ontop of a building in Greece.

STIRIXIS Group realized the whole concept, architectural design and branding of the new building, and the complete interior designs.  Engagement, functionality, flexibility, and transparency have been the main pillars for our work.

The concept created, from the architectural design to the materials selected, represents the state-of-art services and great experience of the company.The different floors host the wide range of services offered; in the basement it is located the laboratory and the storage area to keep the constantly renewed equipment ground floor, in the ground floor i, the 1st floor the reception and kitchenette, the 2nd floor the academy, the 3rd floor the offices, the 4th floor the meeting room and in roof the Skyport.

The dynamism and high-tech character of company are communicated through the designs, materials and all details selected. Several hand-made furniture, such as the reception and the offices, create an elegant environment. The classroom and simulator rooms are accommodated on the main floor responding to all the functions of the company.

The environmental graphics created have mingled harmoniously with the architectural materials and consist a strong element of the design of the new building. The end result is a calm and transparent space, where the different corporate needs can be realized seamlessly while the personnel can work efficiently.

“We had the opportunity to meet and cooperate with STIRIXIS Group for the complete renovation of our office building as “Drone Solutions”. The project was particularly demanding, as the renovation concerned not only a multi-level space, but also a number of different uses that coexist, namely a retail store at the ground level, an educational and simulation center and management offices at the different floors. The result exceeded our expectations. Every little detail of our new offices shows the dynamic vision of our company. The team of STIRIXIS Group, starting from the strategy, moving on with the design and finally to the execution, supported us seamlessly. We fully enjoyed our cooperation and they undoubtedly won our respect! Stratosphere is our limit!The aim was to have a unique and recognizable identity for all offices that will communicate our company’s values and long history. It was a challenging project that underwent many changes that STIRIXIS Group managed to overcome with excellent results. A big thank you to all of STIRIXIS Group team for a great collaboration!””

Aris TaliakisCEO, Drone Solutions