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Innovation through strategy and design: Décor Floor transforms into WeMat!

At times of uncertainty, the risk is not the uncertainty; it is resisting to adapt and change.  

Our long-term collaborators at Décor Floor are fully aware of this, which is why they trusted us to transform their brand and bring them into a new era, crafting their own path and spearheading innovation beyond any uncertainty. 

The client

Décor Floor is the undisputed leading company for commercial and residential flooring solutions, with almost two decades of presence in the Romanian market. They have consistently focused on the high quality of the products, as well as on their affiliate services, which have led to strong partnerships with both clients and suppliers. Their high performance over these years, and the company’s impressive growth – with over 2000 projects per year in 3 different countries – led to their decision to innovate their brand and expand its services and products portfolio, aiming to become from a top supplier of flooring solutions to one of the top players in the whole fit-out industry

The project

The vision for this project was to develop a new corporate strategy for the brand: a challenging task which involved fully developing an innovative and unique brand identity as well as a transformational corporate strategy. The goal was to communicate Décor Floor’s bold and reliable personality, their most important value of togetherness, and their leading position in the market, through an impactful identity.  

To realize this vision, the first step was to develop a brand strategy which aligned with the business objectives. Through close collaboration with our client, we developed a new structure for the company and turned Décor Floor into an ecosystem of brands. The parent brand ‘WeMat’ now acts as an umbrella for a series of sub-brands, each representing a set of products and services that our client offers to the market. 

Then, our team focused on developing a fresh brand identity that fully encompasses the new corporate approach. We used the organization’s most important value: Togetherness, as the lever that lifts the brand above competition and creates a distinct and clear positioning. This is how Décor Floor transformed into the new Wemat. This is composed of 2 words – we and matter. It is a short and impactful phrase that refers to the strength and expertise of the enthusiastic team, impacting the market. 

Part of our work was to highlight the company’s motivation to strive for perfection. Thus, we used the tagline “Outstanding Matters”, which is a testament to their hard work and constant support to their customers. Additionally, WeMat is investing highly in their team and know that outstanding people and culture will deliver outstanding results. 

Following this, our team designed WeMat’s logo, with the aim to communicate the company’s new structure, but also its dynamic character, young core, enthusiasm, and freshness. The impactful shape of a full circle emphasizes even more the idea of togetherness behind the name. The sub-brands that gravitate around it form a ‘planet system;’ these are designed using the same color scheme but with smaller circles than the parent brand. The color palette we decided on is bold, rich, and fresh, and together with the bold font that was chosen, signals a truthful and forward-thinking brand. WeMat is now ready to inspire, create positive change, and lead with innovation and passion. 

“Re-branding a company with a history of more than 17 years in the construction industry is definitely not an easy objective to achieve. Internally, we were sure about our decision but had several of questions and mixed emotions concerning how to obtain the desired milestones. The STIRIXIS Team made an excellent job in identifying and formulating our new business identity and philosophy. Throughout the entire process the STIRIXIS Team proved its strong communication skills, systems thinking and creative storytelling. We are very satisfied about the collaboration with STIRIXIS Group and we truly recommend their result driven team!”

Octavian MoroianuCEO, WeMat