Daikin Hellas




  • Concept Strategy
  • Architectural Design
  • Mechanical Electrical Design
  • Branding and Environmental Graphics
  • Supervision
  • Construction – Project Execution


  • Standard Interior Design Award – International Property Awards 2021-2022

Optimizing Daikin’s New Offices!

Daikin is the multinational and leading manufacturer and supplier of HVAC-R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) equipment. They provide innovative, premium quality indoor climate management solutions to meet the changing needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers.

For several years, STIRIXIS Group has provided project management services to Daikin on an ad-hoc basis. Since 2017, the client has engaged our firm more frequently due to the holistic implementation of the “Blue Dealer +” retail concept on many of Daikin’s stores across Greece. This has enabled us to deliver highly focused care and attention, which resulted in the client choosing STIRIXIS to renovate their workplaces as well, in order to accommodate their extra personnel.

The project

Our team of experts succeeded in delivering and designing the new office area with a holistic approach, seamlessly taking into consideration all the architectural, mechanical and electrical aspects, while integrating vibrant and strong environmental graphics. The end result is the creation of modern offices with a closely designed user experience and high functionality, that follows the company’s core identity and values, as well as it emphasizing its empowering and innovative spirit.

The office space was completely remolded to aesthetically expand upon Daikin’s distinctive blue colors to a more diverse palette, yet always staying true to the client’s brand identity. Renovation gave way to much open space in several areas like brainstorming booths, meeting points and meeting rooms, except for the administrative office and the call center. The office experience was enhanced by sound-absorbing surfaces and hanging LED panels with an intelligent lighting design. By installing Signify’s innovative Trulifi technology, we grant users and visitors of the building fast, reliable and secure wireless connectivity. The reception – sitting areas were renewed as a cozier waiting space, offering the appropriate amenities.

The environmental graphics showcase Daikin’s most precious values, without cluttering the architectural design of the space, while still respecting the brand’s guidelines. They also had to contribute to most private spaces’ privacy, like closed offices and meeting rooms, as well as the wayfinding and signage of different areas. Employees were encouraged to share what Daikin means to them and their answers were imprinted on the office’s walls, inspiring assurance, and blitheness, instead of a clinical, corporate image.

Daikin’s new workplaces were delivered on January 2021, in under 2 months after the project initially started. The offices were completed on time and on budget without any disruption, even though time restrictions, including Christmas vacation, were rather demanding. With proper planning, strategic construction, and coordination with all contributing factors, we were able to execute the project, exceeding Daikin’s expectations.

“Our successful cooperation with STIRIXIS Group in building our professional network and new retail concept “Daikin Blue Dealer Plus” over the past few years, drove us to choose them once again for the expansion and refurbishment of our main offices in Athens. The project required modern offices for our future company expansion, ensuring all safety and health standards for a prosperous workplace, under a tight timeline and within budget, through close cooperation with a contractor. The result was excellent and very much appreciated by our people. All requests on our side were handled with exceptional care by STIRIXIS’ team, following a “Customer is King” approach. We appreciate their creativity, innovation, commitment, professionalism, expertise, open communication and recognize their efficiency, proactiveness and flexibility as major aspects of our professional interaction. We would like to thank STIRIXIS for their support in delivering an outstanding project and anticipate our future cooperation on our next project.”

Christina AntoniouManaging Director, Daikin Hellas