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Daikin BD+: Corfu Platinum Store Revealed.

Daikin Hellas strengthens its branch network with new Blue Dealer Plus stores continuing its investments in the Greek market, enforcing the brand positioning in the market.

Thanks to STIRIXIS Group’s assistance, the new concept reflects Daikin Hellas’s new approach which is enhancing the customer experience!

The project

At this concept, the interior design follows the brand positioning, using stylish furniture and modern touches while the lighting and the colours of the area make the clients feel intimate and distinct during their visit. In addition, elements that enhance the best customer experience such as new technologies with digital signage and useful information, are incorporated in the retail store design.

“We had the pleasure of working with STIRIXIS Group on our new “Daikin Blue Dealer +” retail concept, the development of which is part of our core strategy towards 2020. The significance of this development for Daikin Hellas was calling for an experienced, innovative and inspirational partner and STIRIXIS Group was proven to be the ideal choice. STIRIXIS Group is very business oriented and their depth approach assures the maximum result. Their deep knowledge of the retail strategy and design business is obvious from the first discussion. We consider STIRIXIS Group leaders in their field and their professionalism was obvious throughout the project. That said, we highly recommend STIRIXIS Group as a valuable partner.”

Ilias KatsoulisManaging Director, Daikin Hellas