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Office design of Coca-Cola HQ in Switzerland

Coca Cola HBC bottles and sells the beverages of The Coca-Cola Company exclusively in 28 markets. They also partner with other beverage businesses to sell their products. They create value for all their stakeholders by supporting the socio-economic development of the societies in which they operate and believe building a more positive environmental impact is integral to their future growth.

After renovation of their HQ in Athens, Greece and one floor in Zurich, Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling company assigned STIRIXIS Group with redesigning and renovating the 2nd floor of their HQ in Zug, Zurich to better reflect the company’s brand identity and values, as well as update it to a new work model.

We created a modern, warm, attractive, functional, technologically advanced and comfortable workplace for Coca Cola that boosts performance and engagement as well as leverages on prosperity and sustainability of the organization and wellbeing of employees.

The project

Throughout the project, our teams seamlessly managed and delivered all stages from business case to concept design, all the way to final execution and handover. We are proud to have delivered an impressive project on budget, on time and up to quality standards, even under the strenuous conditions of a lockdown due to the current pandemic.

The workplace – reception, open & closed offices, a meeting room and a canteen area – was strategically designed to combine focus, cross collaboration and relaxation areas. The use of natural material textures and colors based on a warm chromatic palette along with the biophilic design adds to the overall result of a balanced and uplifting work environment, contributing to wellbeing and psychological safety of both inhabitants and visitors.

Sound-absorbing surfaces and state of the art automations were integrated to all areas which together with the appropriate lighting design enhance user experience and focus enabling the required privacy. Branding was enhanced with attractive and vibrant environmental graphics depicting elements of brand’s values, culture and heritage.

“This was the third project in a row on which we collaborated with STIRIXIS Group at our headquarters in Zug. The collaboration has been seamless as always. The design matched perfectly our functional and aesthetic needs and the support at the execution stage had once again its additional value apart from ensuring the delivery of the project on time, on quality and on budget - even during the lockdowns. The addition of this floor addresses the principles of the new workplace including breakout areas, collaboration areas as well as concentration areas for our management. All materials and textures create a comforting, yet innovative environment supported by high end technology and connectivity. The branding is vibrant and builds the established heritage of the brand in an elegant way which fully blends with the architectural design. STIRIXIS Group has been a valuable consultant so far for our company and we look forward to our next project.”

Jan GustavssonGeneral Counsel & Director of Strategic Development, Coca-Cola HBC AG