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  • Concept Design
  • Concept Execution

A sweet family kitchen!

The Cake chain of stores is designed to promote a warm atmosphere and a sense of intimacy. The store design and decoration was chosen to give of the intimacy of a “Family Kitchen” to all visitors and guests.

The project

In the path of the brand’s international development, our business consultants and creative team have executed the concept’s adaptation to match each investor’s requirements and at the same time maintain the brand’s values and elements. For each new store, we performed the adaptation of design, the architectural study, and the construction management.

The overall concept is inspired by the New England (USA) kitchen, with checkered floor tiles, wood finishing, traditional lighting, a bookcase in mint green and cream colours, and a striped outdoor tent. Together all these elements give the concept a general homey feel and atmosphere. The layout of all Cake shops was specifically arranged to make it more functional and welcoming and succeed a high level of customer engagement.

With our systemic approach, design strategy, experience and commitment to success, we transform the project into a…piece of cake!

““STIRIXIS Group has been a valuable collaborator for creating and developing the Cake retail concept. With their unique expertise in strategic concept design and execution, Cake becomes an international brand!””

Stephen ElliotCEO & Franchise Manager, Cake